Vatu Flanker Joins Paladins Champions in May

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With the release of the next major update to the multiplayer first-person shooter Paladins, it will be possible to play as Vata. This is the name of the new Flanking Champion. His past is hidden in the shadows, and in the present he made a deal with the Thousand Hands Guild, receiving money to solve their problems.

Like all flankers, Watu has quite a bit of health – only 1900 units, which means he really is a very “cottony” character. As a weapon, he uses kunai, which he throws in an arc. Vatu’s abilities are as follows:

  • Shadow bombs – You throw 3 explosive projectiles that stick to the target and detonate after 0.3 seconds. Each charge deals 10 damage. damage on hit and another 200 pts. damage in a radius of 10 units. After flying 150 units, it automatically explodes in flight.
  • Ambush – You teleport to the target and deal 200 damage. damage. It is possible to re-use the ability on another enemy within 4 seconds. Damage is dealt in a radius of up to 20 units, and the greatest damage is in a radius of up to 10 units. Teleportation range – up to 85.
  • Dash – You make a fast dash for 40 units. in the direction of travel. During it, you take 60% less damage. 3 charges.
  • Dusk (super strike) – When activated, the preparation of a super strike begins. After a short pause, you dash through enemies, inflicting 800 damage. damage and stunning them for 1.25s. Dash range increases with preparation time. You are not affected by crowd control while preparing. Preparation time – from 0.5 s. up to 2 s., and after 3 s. the ability will trigger automatically. Can’t be undone.

Vatu will be added in the May Paladins update, but you can check out the full list of changes on the official website right now. Below is a cinematic trailer for the new champion.

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