Video News: Beta Test of Battlefield Mobile and Apex Legends, Pokemon UNITE Release and More (Issue # 19)

Hello channel viewers AppTime Media! As usual, we have prepared a selection of the best mobile news for the outgoing week. And if you do not know what new game the creators of Genshin Impact are preparing, and also have not yet downloaded the beta version of Battlefield Mobile, then be sure to watch it to the end. And we start.

Genshin Impact anniversary didn’t work out

On September 28, Genshin celebrates his first anniversary. It would seem that miHoYo should give many awards, but in reality everything is much worse. For example, you can share art on social networks or invite friends. For this you get primohems, mora or even an iPhone 13 Pro Max. Only here the number of winners is limited, and often everything will be decided by random. Even the Chinese complained about this. There is only hope that these are events for the community, and real rewards will appear later. That being said, the anniversary is about to come. MiHoYo, ay, is everything okay?

Bungie makes Destiny mobile

Now for much more joyful news: Bungie is making Destiny Mobile. The game is in its early stages, because the company is now recruiting employees for a new project. At the same time, they will have to communicate with the Chinese or even live in the Celestial Empire. Because of this, insiders have already concluded that NetEase Games will be engaged in the development, especially since Bungie received $ 100 million from Chinese investors. In general, it is not surprising that Destiny Mobile awaits us. It’s just that Bungie wants to take franchises to different planes such as movies, TV series, and so on.

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The Lord of the Rings haunts gamers

Fast-forward to Middle-earth: Warner Bros. released The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War, a mobile strategy game about the struggle for the One Ring. And gamers have already managed to split into two camps, someone does not even want to consider Rise to War as a game and calls it a donated trash heap. Maybe this is so, but the publisher carefully transferred the map of Middle-earth, as well as familiar characters, for example, Gandalf, Aragorn and others. They will act as commanders of our army, but we need to enter into alliances and capture entire regions. Well, plus the seasons will be updated almost every month.

Is Pokémon UNITE better than Wild Rift?

While NetEase is working on The Lord of the Rings and Destiny, Tencent is trying to keep up too: TiMi has released Pokémon UNITE. This is a MOBA from the creators of Call of Duty Mobile themselves. The main question is: “Is it better than Wild Rift or not?” We decided that it was better after all. Look, UNITE provides a unique gaming experience – these are not your typical mid battles and copies of League of Legends. On the contrary, in UNITE it is necessary to destroy forest mobs and other Pokémon together with the team in order to earn points. With them, you need to run to the enemy ring and throw the Pokeball there.

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It sounds simple, just run half the map, and there enemies who used the springboard to move quickly can already wait. Also, many forest mobs give a huge advantage and sometimes turn the tide of events. All in all, if you love Pokémon, we highly recommend it.

The date of the beta test of the slasher UNDECEMBER has become known

A beta test will be held for UNDECEMBER in October, from 13 to 19 October. This is the first public testing and will run on Android and PC, plus the game will be cross-playable. If you get to the test, you can go through the story, raids, PvP and even participate in guild battles. Probably the beta test of UNDECEMBER will take place in South Korea, while we will try to get the APK file for our readers and post it on the Telegram channel. So don’t forget to subscribe.

EA opens servers for Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is entering the beta stage again, now with renewed vigor. Players note that the graphics and gameplay have improved significantly since the last beta. Of course, not everyone can play, only gamers on Android, and even in certain regions, but we have solved this issue. You just need to enter our Telegram channel and download the APK with the cache. Don’t worry about installation – we’ve added instructions.

Xuan Zhong Ji looks a lot like Pokémon

Tencent is back in sight. This time, he prepares an answer to Genshin and the Pokémon at once. Meet – Xuan Zhong Ji (Huang Chong Ji). It is an MMO with beautiful graphics and an oriental setting. As usual, you need to run around the locations and complete quests. Only the emphasis is not on the character himself, but on his pets. We find them in the open world, and before capturing them we also draw signs, for example, a banana. Now Xuan Zhong Ji is undergoing CBT, but it is unlikely to get on it, the developers have limited the limit of testers.

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Battlefield Mobile surprises no one

And the cherry on top is Battlefield Mobile. Everyone was waiting for it and now the alpha test has begun. Of course, our readers and viewers can also take part in it, you just need to go to the Telegram channel and follow the instructions. The only but – while the project is crude, sometimes too much. Yes, we get the destruction and the map from Battlefield 3, but beyond that the physics and overall impression is like a typical Chinese clone, just with a slightly larger budget. At the same time, it is too early to put an end to the project, because there are still many beta tests and an official release awaiting us.

And that’s all for me. Thanks for watching to the end. We will be glad to receive your likes, comments and subscriptions. These and other news, as always, are waiting for you on the website, see you in a week.

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