Video News: Beta Test of Lost Light, Super People Mobile and FIFA Mobile 2022 (Issue # 18)

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Hello subscribers and fans of mobile games! In touch AppTime Media, with a weekly mobile news release. Today we will tell you about beta tests and releases of large projects from Asia, for example, FIFA Mobile 2022. Yes, did you know that the Chinese are already chopping up in full in the new season with improved graphics? Well then, let’s not delay. Go!

Lost Light from NetEase Games prepares for CBT

Next week, September 23rd, the beta test for Lost Light begins. It’s a looter shooter like Escape from Tarkov. You can also get to test it, you just need to submit an application through the Chinese market Bilibili. You can find the APK file for it in our Telegram channel. Just hurry, because applications are accepted until the 21st, plus recently, Chinese developers have become stricter in selecting testers. By the way, the full release of Lost Light is scheduled for the summer of 2022, possibly especially in the Middle Kingdom.

Aether Gazer will bring Honkai Impact 3rd to its knees

Aether Gazer is an anime slasher where a waifu squad fights in futuristic arenas. Swords, scythes and even coffins are used, and in battles with bosses, you can slow down time, dodge, use an ult, and so on. In general, fans of Devil May Cry will definitely go.

We are also in a hurry to inform you that the CBT has just started and you have been invited. It’s simple: you just need to download the APK through our group in Telegram, and after installation, confirm your phone number. As a result, you will get cool graphics and will be able to check out the project before others.

Super People Mobile laughs at PUBG: New State

Not so long ago, we talked about Super People on the site. This is a Korean battle royale that looks cooler than PUBG. This manifests itself in graphics, world design and character animations. The player can choose from a third or first person view and craft items on the go using a mini-anvil. Also, in each skating rink, we level up and get special abilities, for example, a sprint with a rollback.

What’s most interesting is that Super People will be transferred to mobile phones. There is no release date yet, but the global PC CBT will begin soon. Will the game be able to put an end to the jammed PUBG? Write in the comments.

Star Wars: Hunters is a mobile Battlefront

Star Wars: Hunters showed at Apple’s presentation, and then publisher Zynga released a CGI trailer. So far, there are no specific dates for the release or trial run, but one thing is clear: it is worth waiting for the mobile Battlefront. In Hunters, players will be split into two teams, probably on a “light and dark side” basis. It will be possible to play both for the Jedi and the Sith, but if you get tired of it, then you can change to droids with clones.

We know that Hunters will unfold between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, so Darth Vader won’t be chased (sorry for the spoiler). By the way, the release of Star Wars: Hunters was postponed to 2022, the game will be released on smartphones and Nintendo Switch.

Asian FIFA Mobile 2022 is available for you too

Moving on to more tangible news: FIFA Mobile 2022 is available in Asia. It would seem: “So what?”, But you can play it too. Especially for our readers, we have uploaded the official APK to the Cart. Of the features, we can highlight the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United, as well as more than 10,000 licensed footballers. Also, Tencent promises to change tactics right during the match and different weather, including morning, day and night. Well, what the Asian version of FIFA is famous for is its excellent graphics. So don’t pass by.

Crossout Mobile will soon be released in Russia

The mobile version of Crossout will finally be released in Russia on September 30th. This is the Gaijin project, yes, the very guys who started War Thunder. Readers from other regions have actually noticed that the project has been available for a long time. However, if you don’t want to wait for the latest APK, you know where to get it. In terms of gameplay, players will create death machines and solve issues in small arenas. The developers promise realistic graphics and damage system.

Project Snow will test your smartphone for strength

And in the chain of closing we have Project Snow. This is another alternative to Punishing: Gray Raven with a futuristic setting and cool graphics. It is so high that gamers complain that their old smartphone does not export this game. If you have a new device, you can try your luck in the beta test. Players note that while Project Snow feels unfinished, it has the potential to be the best slack. We also note the protracted boss fights, which can last 5 minutes, plus the ability to turn off the auto-sight.

And that’s all for us! Subscribe to the channel and put your thumbs up if you like the news. Frankly, this week was extremely weak for news feeds, but the end of September promises to be hot for the mobile industry, so follow us on social media. networks and visit our website See you in a week.

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