Video news: CBT UNDECEMBER and Lineage 2M, Free Fire Max release and others (issue # 20)

Hello subscribers and random viewers, in touch AppTime Media, today is Sunday, which means it’s time to tell you about the most interesting news of the past week. This time, the list includes as many as 2 games from the Lineage series, a new Warhammer game and a sea of ​​closed beta tests. Of course, all the news did not fit, but you can always read them on the AppTime website. Let’s not waste a second, let’s go!

Lineage W returns to franchise roots

Publisher NCsoft said Lineage W will follow in the footsteps of the original games in the series. The new MMORPG for mobile phones has been making for four years and already for the start, the developers have in store a bunch of content. By the way, the release of the game will take place on November 4 at 3 am Moscow time, and Russia will be among the first countries where servers will be launched. Four classes await us: monk, elf, knight and magician; more promises in the future. Players will fight each other as part of national or international clans, all this in real time.

The plot will play an equally important role and will stretch from training to the “end credits”, if there are any in the MMO at all. Well, the cherry on the cake – joint events such as the struggle for treasures, escorting the carriage, raids and world bosses.

Warhammer is back on mobile phones and strategy again

The developers of Rivengard, a mobile and cartoon strategy game, tackled the Warhammer universe. This week we were introduced to Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus. It is made in a vertical format, and the graphics look like “Mom, I mastered Unity”. But don’t let the looks scare you, because we were also shown gameplay with tactical depth.

In lightning-fast battles, different heroes and factions will converge, which use the features of the landscape to their advantage. For example, you can hide behind cover, take a high point, or set fire to the grass. Plus, your commanders will be able to heal allies or call for reinforcements. As for the release, it will take place in 2022, and right now there is an early launch in Asia, the link to the apk can be found in the tooltip.

Racing Master will enter the CBT again

Codemasters announced that another beta test for Racing Master will begin in two weeks. This time there are only two participating countries: the USA and Canada. This holiday of the soul will begin on October 12 at about 5:30 am Moscow time. Both iOS and Android gamers will take part, only the system requirements bite. For example, for minimums you need an iPhone 8 or Snapdragon 835 with four gigs of RAM. And this despite the fact that for the past CBT the requirements were much stricter.

From the content, we expect new cars, tracks and game modes; so far the map “Sicily” has been confirmed with different routes, which differ in the level of difficulty. In general, stay tuned on our website.

Nexomons are not Pokémon for you

Imagine that you have to train cute creatures, watch them evolve, and even compete with other tamers. No, these are not Pokémon, but Nexomons. There is almost no difference, but secondly, you can now play on smartphones. The developers promise more than 380 creatures with cool abilities, as well as turn-based battles in the style of the same “Pocket Monsters”. And although the main character speaks as much as Gordon Freeman does, he has a sidekick Coco who breaks the fourth wall and has fun to the fullest.

Also, freedom of action pleases, that is, you are not forced to go through the main quest. Also, Nexomonov can be pumped in packs, there would be crystals that are mined from cobblestones. Of the minuses, players single out garbage and imbe skills, as well as confused crafting of items. Fortunately, the game is available on mobile phones in F2P format.

When does the Lineage 2M beta test start?

More good news for Lineage fans: 2M mobile is gearing up for the CBT, which kicks off on October 6th. It will take place in the West, including the USA, Canada, Norway and a couple of other countries. NCsoft will likely add support for both platforms. For Russia and the rest of the CIS, pre-registration is still open with gifts in the form of gold and class coupons.

As a result, the developers promise a seamless world with beautiful cities and hunting zones. You can choose a hero between 5 races and 31 classes. At the same time, there are hints of a quick change of class, maybe for hard cash. Well, to the delight of the Russian-speaking community, we are promised full and professional localization, including voice acting. Also, insiders have leaked the Russian store and the prices in it will be much lower than in Korea.

UNDECEMBER is also preparing for CBT

LINE Games has opened applications for the beta test of UNDECEMBER, the very slasher that is clearly better than Diablo Immortal. Although registration for testing is available only for Koreans, other regions will also be able to participate, if there is a desire. By the way, applications are accepted until October 12th, because the next day the servers are scheduled to open. If you get into the beta test, you can check out the story, PvP, raids, guild battles and cross-play between Android and PC.

As for the latest news about the project, the developers recently posted a trailer showing the abilities and pumping of a huge talent tree. We also saw a mobile interface, sharpening objects and some co-op modes, for example, reflecting waves of demons.

Free Fire Max is out and so what?

An updated and maximum version of Free Fire Battle Royale has come out. Publisher Garena promised updated graphics and improved animations, which is what we got. However, some gamers believe that this is not enough for a separate version. Rather, it is a patch, only it weighs twice as much as the original Free Fire. And if you do not want lags, then please allocate 4 GB of RAM.

By the way, along with the “maximum” version, a Personal Island came into the game, where you can create and launch your own map. The Squad Battles were also updated to the 9th season, replay was introduced for some matches, and now you can find a healing sniper among the weapons. Can PUBG do that?

AfterBreach shooter is juicy and affordable

And finally, we left the beta test of the AfterBreach mobile phone, which surprises with its graphics. In fact, we are performing tasks to clear small locations from zombies. By the way, they move quickly and do it in a group. Your success depends on the chosen firearm and the level of the character, and the resulting loot must still fit into a backpack. In addition to mindless shooting at the dead, we are given to do tasks in the style of “approach the tower and fix it.” There is also a small hint of a change in the weather, but so far this is done in the form of thick fog and a darker time of day. In general, the project will go to fans of projects such as LifeAfter.

And that’s all for me, dear friends. Thanks for watching to the end. This is already the 20th anniversary news release, so let’s support it with a like, we will be pleased. The AppTime team and I wish you a pleasant weekend and a great start to next week. And for our part, we promise to delight you with new announcements and interesting news, so do not switch.

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