Video news: Diablo Immortal release date, Tank Company Mobile release and Total War: Medieval II gameplay

Video news Diablo Immortal release date Tank Company Mobile release Video news: Diablo Immortal release date, Tank Company Mobile release and Total War: Medieval II gameplay

Video news Diablo Immortal release date Tank Company Mobile release Video news: Diablo Immortal release date, Tank Company Mobile release and Total War: Medieval II gameplay

Hello mobile gamers! With you AppTime Media and this is another issue of short news for the outgoing week. I will say right away that the last 7 days have been vigorous for announcements, beta tests and releases. So whether you enjoy slaying demons or building your own medieval empire, there is a place for everyone. Go!

Diablo Immortal could be out in June

The Diablo Immortal page has appeared in the App Store, which means that we have received an approximate release date for the game – June 30th. So far, this is inaccurate information, but it converges with an estimated release in the first half of 2022. Blizzard also talked about cosmetics and even showed art of skins that are knocked out through a season pass or just for being active. Of course, the quality of the armor will be much better if you bring money to the developers. But not only sets are one – the legendary gems will also affect the look of your hero, adding hellfire and long horns in the right places.

Arena Breakout coming to China this summer

In parallel with Diablo Immortal, a page for Arena Breakout, the top looter shooter from Tencent, appeared in the App Store. Its release is scheduled for July 26, but so far only in China. If your hands itch and you want to play before others, then on April 8th a new season starts with a wipe of progress. Moreover, old testers will be able to invite new ones, and offers to rent accounts have already appeared on the Web. Prices bite, so wait for the APK and installation instructions from us, and the opinion can be found in the relevant articles.

Tank Company Mobile is available on iOS and Android

Tank Company Mobile is the best tank arcade game, and not from Wargaming, but from China. It is a pity that so far it has been released exclusively in Asia, although a global launch is also expected. You will find installation instructions in the latest news. As for the global release, now preparations are underway for an open beta test in the CIS, but even for it there is no approximate start date. But you shouldn’t grieve – those who played the Chinese version talk about poor optimization, which even the Snapdragon 870 does not take out.

Streets of Rage 4 will be released at the end of May

The legendary “beat ’em up” will also appear on smartphones – foreign publications and the App Store indicate that Streets of Rage 4 will be released on May 24 on iOS and Android. Studio Playdigious says that the setting and classic style are left unchanged, but added co-op. Together with your friends you will make your way through the sewers and night streets of the city. In total, 5 new and old heroes will be given a choice, which sometimes need to be knocked out. From the bad news – the project will be premium, now it costs 749 rubles in the App Store and this is with a 10% discount. There were some advantages – at least it is support for controllers.

Military KKI Kards Mobile is preparing for CBT

There are many card games on the market, but with a World War II theme, only Kards Mobile stands out. This is a ported version that will be subject to CBT; when exactly this will happen is still unknown, but both mobile platforms will be able to participate. The only thing is that on Android you need to have at least 6 GB of RAM. Well, do not forget to apply, the link is in the latest news. In terms of gameplay, the following are at least three factions represented in Kards Mobile (USA, USSR and Germany). For a change, the developers have added a front line, the speed of movement of units across the battlefield, the distance between them. Well, to win, you need to properly distribute and spend resources.

Sword Art Online: Variant Showdown or game within a game

The Sword Art Online series will soon be replenished with another game, moreover, on iOS and Android. It should be released this year in both Asia and the West. As planned by the authors, the main character learns about a new video game called “Cross Edge”, which was developed by a schoolboy. She gained popularity, only there is one player in it who appears out of nowhere and attacks peaceful gamers. Since you and your friends have experience in Sword Art Online, and the clues have appeared, the only thing left is to plunge headlong into the investigation. If we talk about the genre, then the official website indicates “action”.

Fantasy Raid will replace Diablo Immortal for now

In 2021, an early version of Fantasy Raid appeared in Asia. In fact, this is an alternative to Diablo, only with low-poly textures and on the Unity engine. There is nothing wrong with this – the Android version has already appeared in the Russian market and offers everything you expect from a mobile slasher. These are three classes with their own armor, skills and pumping, as well as endless dungeons for those who complete the campaign on normal difficulty. I am glad that the legendary and rare equipment are already falling from the second mission, and the lack of advertising with intrusive donations is a rather significant plus.

Total War: Medieval II will be an exact copy from PC

The release of the strategy Total War: Medieval II is scheduled for April 7th. This is a mobile port being developed by publisher Feral Interactive. Before the release, the developers told and showed how the medieval ruler simulator would look like on touch screens. Players will be offered 5 turbulent centuries with turn-based empire building and tactful real-time battles. Feral promises an intuitive interface and six starting nations, although as you progress through the campaign, all 17 will open. The most important thing is to follow the family line and not let any bastards take power from your hands.

That’s all for me, dear friends. Thank you for watching to the end – we are trying only for you. Don’t forget to check out our website for the latest news from the world of video games almost non-stop. Peaceful sky above your head and health to you, see you soon!

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