Video News: Genshin Impact Killer, Game of Thrones on Unreal Engine 5 and Avatar on Mobile

Hello mobile gamers! With you AppTime Media and in this issue we will talk about the big and bright news of the outgoing week. Despite the fact that most of the cool beta tests took place in early January, we have something to tell you. So make some tea, sit back, and we’ll start!

Gamers complain about Rules of Survival 2.0

If you thought that Rules of Survival was more alive than all the living, then you were greatly mistaken – a reissue was released for the former royal battle and, oddly enough, it does not start for many, which is why the score on Google Play fell to the bottom. In the updated version, the developers have added a looter shooter mode, which is inspired by the popularity of games such as Lost Light and Arena Breakout. And in addition to deadly attacks, the base management is waiting for the fighters to create new body kits, improve guns, and so on. If you were able to launch the game, tell us about your impressions in the comments.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin mesmerizing graphics

The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin, announced by Netmarble, immediately blew up the information space with its cool graphics and similarity to Genshin. The new part incorporates everything that we are used to seeing in mobile MMOs – an open world, exploring huge locations, flying and swimming. The publisher promises to change the weather and time of day, as well as picking up rare heroes in the squad. From the teaser, you can understand that climbing rocks like Zelda and picking fruits will not go anywhere. Of the pluses, I note the influence of the abilities of the heroes on the local landscape, which helps to cross the gorges. Unfortunately, there is no release date yet.

Cyber ​​Space resembles Warframe, only battle royale

If you don’t want to wait for the release of Warframe Mobile, then take a closer look at the new Cyber ​​Space battle royale. In it, not only the appearance depends on the choice of the hero’s model, but also the abilities – treatment, double jump, and even the legal WallHack. Throw in neutral creeps that you can swing on and you have Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. Also, weapons differ in color, that is, the level of rarity, so your victory depends more on randomness. Unfortunately, the test servers will be closed today, which will most likely make it impossible to play, however, you can subscribe to the game on our website so as not to miss the next beta tests.

Phantom Blade: Executioners opens doors to testers

Dedicated to fans of slashers – the new Phantom Blade has entered the CBT stage, and if you have an Android smartphone, you can join. So far, there is no co-op mode and donation, and the developers give out premium currency so that you call on cool assistants. Phantom Blade pleases not only with Japanese style, but also with responsive controls. Thanks to this, hitting demons is a pleasure, especially since combos give an increase in damage. By the way, if you have a good smartphone, you can get 60 FPS, and to solve the problem with hieroglyphs, take a look at our last article on the site, where we described in detail the process of activating the English version.

Game of Thrones will be made MMO on Unreal Engine 5

The universe of George R.R.R.R. Martin continues to bloom and fragrant – the publisher Netmarble, together with HBO Studios, took up the project on the “Game of Thrones”. So far, not much is known. The players are definitely waiting for an open world, and the new Unreal Engine 5 was taken as the engine. Unfortunately, the new generation graphics are not visible in the teaser, but you can admire the dragon and the White Walkers. As for the plot, we will be told a new story, which will only indirectly be in contact with the events of the series and books, but in terms of passions and the number of murders, Game of Thrones fans will definitely go.

The creators of MMORPG HIT 2 showed the first screenshots

Publisher Nexon has finally shared art and a screenshot from an upcoming MMO called HIT 2. From the first one, we can see massive PvP sieges awaiting us; By the way, it would be cool if guilds could control cities or even entire capitals. Of course, for such a theater of war, you still need to introduce world servers with auto-translation. In the second screenshot, the game itself is already visible, it is made on Unreal Engine 4, but it looks many times better than the Game of Thrones teaser. You can only find fault with the blur, and the screen could have been taken from the PC version, so it’s too early to judge. We look forward to information on the release in the next few months.

Capturing Pandora on mobile phones

Avatar: Reckoning has entered the CBT for Android. In this shooter, you can join the ranks of the Avatars in order to eradicate them and find the reason for the disappearance of your parents. The developers have added a cut scene with English voice acting, as well as a small tutorial, after which you need to complete quests. At some point, we are even given a riding horse, on which we can participate in the races. As for the cooperative, it is represented by dungeons and PvP arenas. Of the pluses, I note the elaboration of locations, even though they are corridors. Gradually, players need to upgrade their reputation with the Na’vi clan, for which they receive rewards.

RF Project (RF Online) will replace Anthem and Warframe

In the end, I left one more “killer” Warframe – RF Project. He offers to put on a Warframe suit, and the available abilities depend on the physique. For example, light armor allows you to roll up and jump on the back of mobs, and with a heavy body kit you can summon mechs with an energy shield and a huge machine gun. From the video, you can understand that you can fly along the locations, as in Marvel Future Revolution, and we are also expecting large raids for 20 people or more. The project logo strongly resembles the old MMORPG for PC, RF Online, but judging by the presented trailer, there is little in common between the games. For the time being, only pre-registration via TapTap is available for the game, we will find out more details this year.

And that’s all for me, dear friends. Thanks for watching to the end. Put your fingers up and write what exactly you remember the outgoing week. Also, wait for new releases, now they will be more regular, and our website constantly publishes the latest news from the gaming industry. See you soon!

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