Video News: Honkai Star Rail PTA, PUBG New State Release Date and Season 9 in CoD Mobile (Issue # 23)

2410202114032280 Video News: Honkai Star Rail PTA, PUBG New State Release Date and Season 9 in CoD Mobile (Issue # 23)

Hello mobile game lovers! In touch AppTime Media with a weekly news release. In the next 5 minutes, you will see the release date of New State, a new project from the creators of Genshin Impact, and even a real mobile strategy. Interesting? Then let’s go.

Honkai: Star Rail Prepares For Beta Test

The publisher miHoYo is preparing the PTA Honkai: Star Rail, which will begin on October 27th at approximately 13:00 Moscow time. Our insiders say that someone has already received a letter of happiness, but unfortunately it is no longer possible to submit applications. The first beta will support English and Asian languages, plus there will be no microtransactions. All progress will be deleted after completion, although testers will be able to visit the surface and underground, where another city is located. In it you can find the mansion of Svarog, which is probably taken from Slavic mythology. And yes, you can’t use cheats and sell your account, Paimon promises to make “atata”.

You can play GRID Autosport for free on Android

Feral Interactive has released a custom edition of GRID: Autosport on Google Play. This is a demo where you can ride without ads and no time limit. In fact, GRID is the best car simulator because it has cool graphics and customizable controls. At the same time, the publisher says that in this version you can choose what content to pay for. And if you have already bought GRID, then there is no point in the new version, you can walk by.

The ninth season of Call of Duty: Mobile is scary and scary

The mobile CoD began to celebrate Halloween, because the ninth season of Nightmare was added to the game. If you want to get themed skins, then throw off Boby Kotik in the jacuzzi, because the gifts in the free version of the battle pass are not so hot. From the pleasant all players expect new modes and maps, among them “Candy or Life”, where you have to beg your friends for sweets and make them complete tasks, plus a siege of zombies. And, well, in battle royale mode, someone turned off the light, and the map became dark. Cherry on the cake – “Landing Zone” mode for multiplayer, where teams hold the point, try to fly away with loot, but a stray grenade prevents them from doing so. In general, it’s fun, funny, downloadable.

Stay Alive wipes his nose with donation Last Day on Earth

If you played Last Day on Earth, then the Stay Alive scheme will understand – this is survival in a zombie apocalypse. Players are given a location with a private house, infected deer and loot. By tradition, the most delicious is in the neighboring area, where you need to run, but the catch is that it takes time and energy. Those who have played say that you can even assemble a car, the donation is adequate, and the developers were not even too lazy to add a Russian translation.

Of the minuses, the fragility of objects and small inventory are distinguished, which is why you often have to return to the base. The chests are also not very roomy, in general, tin. You also need to monitor health, hunger and thirst, as well as prove to other players in the Arena who is the master of the lost world.

Will Wild RTS Wars replace Warcraft III on smartphones?

And now we have an unusual guest – the Wild RTS Wars strategy. It was made by a domestic developer, and it turned out to be a kind of arcade version of Warcraft III. Locations are miniature, the main goal is to break the enemy base. To do this, you need to build houses and barracks to get resources and call units. This is all done with the help of taps and cards, and to seize territories you need to recapture the enemy camp and raise your flag there. The developer promises a map editor that will allow you to share your creations with friends, and PvP has also been brought into the game. So download and write your opinion in the comments.

EVE Echoes clone sneaked into Google Play

Amg2 is a space strategy with the capture of entire galaxies. It is now available on Google Play and resembles the EVE franchise in gameplay. That is, the players are divided into sectors of the Universe, and then they are offered to farm resources, develop the fleet and enter into alliances with other commanders. I am glad that you can watch the battles from all angles, even though they take place in auto-mode. By the way, we are promised large-scale battles of alliances, where up to 500 players can take part. But at first, many modes are closed, so you need to swing on missions. In general, an unusual project, worth the attention of space fans.

PUBG: New State release date revealed

It’s sweet time – Krafton announced that PUBG: New State will release on November 11th. This applies to 200 countries, and before the release – October 29-30 – another final test will pass. This is an OBT, although CIS is not on the list, but don’t worry, we will definitely get the APK. From the cards at the start, Troy and Erangel should be expected, and the cheaters are going to be banned hard. And already, a day after the release, the Battle for New State event will take place, where CIS bloggers from Twitch, TikTok and YouTube will fight. The broadcast will be held on November 12 at 18:00 Moscow time.

As for the innovations in the New State, the players are waiting for special drones from which weapons and equipment fall. Even dead teammates can be resurrected with a rocket launcher, which will add dynamics and increase the duration of matches. We are also promised online tournaments for the leaders of the ranking. In general, we are looking forward to it.

The creators of AFK Arena muddied the Age of KITA strategy

The last news on our list is Age of KITA, a space strategy game from Lilith Games. Its atmosphere resembles StarCraft, plus it differs from other mobile colleagues in the workshop. In fact, our task is to equip the city, seize the nearest territories and survive with the allies. This is a geo-strategy, so we look forward to seasons and guild battles. The developers also promise dynamic weather, a cycle for and night, different biomes and rendering of lighting with shadows in real time. Sounds great, let’s see what happens on release.

And that’s all for me, dear friends. Thanks for watching to the end. Do not forget to subscribe, like, and send the video to your friends if you find it interesting. Also, do not forget to visit our site, if the news once a week is not enough for you, well, I say goodbye to you, see you in a week.

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