Video news: the most beautiful anime game, the launch of UNDECEMBER, NFT in Rise of Stars and more

Need for Speed ​​will bring open world to smartphones Video news: the most beautiful anime game, the launch of UNDECEMBER, NFT in Rise of Stars and more

Hello mobile game lovers. In touch AppTime Media with the first release of mobile news this year. Today we will tell you about the most beautiful anime game, an interesting Avatar project and your favorite beta tests and trial runs. In the meantime, we are starting to get involved in the work and preparing a lot of interesting things, so support us with a like and finally subscribe if you have not already done so. And we are starting.

Reverse 1999 will be the best anime game

Another Asian studio is working on the game Reverse 1999. It immediately attracts with a visual style that definitely has a lot of money pumped into it. So far, the game is undergoing a closed beta test in the Celestial Empire, but there are already a lot of videos on YouTube with superimposed English voice acting.

In the story, we will travel through time, taking on the role of guardians, looking more like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Even turn-based battles look cheerful and fresh, because each hero has his own backstory and unique abilities. In general, we are waiting for information about the global launch.

The mobile phone based on Avatar is made by the Chinese

Publisher Tencent has announced that its subsidiary is making an Avatar game. This is a real mixture of genres: a multiplayer shooter with RPG elements. At the same time, you can play solo, but you should not hope that the developers will bring an offline mode.

The project will be released in 2022 on iOS and Android, then the fighters will try on the role of Avatars who save their planet from alien invaders. Of the modes, we are promised cooperative missions and PvP with convenient controls. Avatar: Reckoning is being made on the Unreal Engine 4, so we are waiting for a picture of the level of modern MMORPGs, as well as news about the launch in Asia.

Need for Speed ​​will be transferred to smartphones

TiMi Studios is preparing a new Need for Speed, the creators of Call of Duty Mobile are starting work on a mobile game in the Need for Speed ​​franchise. While Tencent is recruiting key employees, so there is no need to wait for major news before the second half of the year. The project is also being made on the Unreal Engine 4, and one can only hope that it does not repeat the fate of the failed Forza Street, which is about to be closed. It will probably be the arcade answer to Racing Master from NetEase Games. It is only strange that the publisher Electronic Arts turned to the Chinese for help, while Activision and Krafton, on the contrary, turn away from them in favor of internal studios.

Need for Speed ​​will bring open world to smartphones Video news: the most beautiful anime game, the launch of UNDECEMBER, NFT in Rise of Stars and more

UNDECEMBER released in South Korea

That day has come – another “Diablo killer” came out on smartphones. Despite the general hype, the game received devastating reviews on Google Play with an average score of 2.4 stars. Media reports about problems with servers. You can try the project yourself by downloading the APK through our website. Moreover, the release version has a lot of changes compared to the PTA.

The game offers a classless system and an advanced leveling system. The publisher LINE Games assures that the gameplay is inextricably linked with the plot, and if at the first levels you need to farm locations, then further you can take part in raids, dungeons and PvP arenas. While Torchlight: Infinite hasn’t entered the beta stage, of the normal slashers, only Undecember will quench your thirst.

Rise of Stars will make space rangers rich

If you love NFTs and have always dreamed of making money on them, then Rise of Stars will be an interesting project for you. This is a space strategy that first appeared on Google Play, and then it was removed. And for what, you may ask? Of course, for the sake of the blockchain and tokens that will make it possible to earn on shipbuilding. Yes, if you have extra resources for a rare ship, you can sell them at auction and then withdraw money through your Wemix wallet. Of the large projects on mobile phones, only MMORPG MIR4 uses it. Well, to make it more fun, don’t forget to join a guild for bonuses. There is no release date for the new version of Rise of Stars yet, so subscribe to the game and follow the latest news on our website.

Project Winter is now on smartphones

Nobody likes traitors, but how to reveal them? That’s exactly what you’ll be doing in Project Winter Mobile, which is closed for testing until January 20th. Countries involved are the USA and Canada; if you are not from there, then you will find a link to the APK in the description. According to the gameplay, players will be divided into two teams: victims and killers. The first is to fix the stations, and the second is to break them and plunge a poisonous arrow into the back of a former friend. The worst thing is that you have to hide in a hut from the cold, possibly together with the killer. Just before that, you need to prepare firewood and not die from a bear. Well, the fallen victims will fly in the form of ghosts, silently cursing their killers.

Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy enters closed beta phase

Publisher Perfect World has launched another beta test for the MMORPG Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy. The game offers eight classes, cool special effects and the ability to travel both in the air and under water. Of the features, the developers single out an open world, but in the first minutes of the gameplay, the locations seem to be, on the contrary, corridors. In general, the gameplay is an auto-run between NPCs, so we hope for online features like guilds, raids and PvP. You can download Jade Dynasty on Android through Southeast Asia.

Metal Wings makes it to Android after 4 years

And last on the list was Metal Wings, a 2D action game similar to the Contra series. In fact, we play as a pink-haired waifu who destroys mechanical spiders and cyber-people. The tactics are simple – shoot and jump, because the intelligence of the mobs is weak, which is why they know how to run at you or stand still. Over time, we gain experience and materials that are needed to unlock rarer and more powerful weapons.

Despite the fact that the game was released on iOS four years ago (and it shows), the developers have added a wheel of fortune and other F2P elements. At the same time, the maximum that you can do is go through levels divided into three difficulties and watch ads to get more coins. Even boss fights don’t really help – you dodge the projectile in time and you’re done.

And that’s all for us, glad if it was interesting. Follow the latest gaming industry news on our website. Also subscribe to our YouTube channel for more quality videos coming soon. See you soon!

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