VidNews: PlayStation Showcase 2021, Harry Potter and Truck Simulator: Ultimate (issue # 17)

1209202115060680 VidNews: PlayStation Showcase 2021, Harry Potter and Truck Simulator: Ultimate (issue # 17)

Hello mobile gamers! In touch AppTime Media… The end of the week is just around the corner, set the alarm again soon, so we decided to please you with a selection of top news from the last week. The list will include Harry Potter, truckers and Kratos himself. So sit back and drive!

What was shown at the PlayStation Showcase 2021?

On Thursday, September 9th, the PlayStation Showcase 2021 event took place. Sony surprised us with four trailers. The first of these was for the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake. Yes, the same RPG from the 2000s that Aspyr Media is now doing. So far, we only know that it will be a temporary exclusive for the PlayStation 5.

Next, Insomniac Games showed two Marvel games about Wolverine and Spider-Man. In the first, Logan will age and fight the rednecks in bars, and in the second, Peter Parker and Miles Morales will face Venom himself. The release of Spider-Man 2 is expected in 2023.

And finally, we were shown Kratos and Atreus from God of War: Ragnarok. They will try to save the world from the End of the World, and Thor himself will stand in their way. The game looks bombastic, plus cool “Blades of Chaos” will add to the God of War. The release will take place in 2022 on PlayStation 4 and 5.

Spinning the steering wheel in Truck Simulator: Ultimate

If you like to deliver goods from point A to point B, then Truck Simulator: Ultimate is worth a look. Together with our readers, we consider it the best clone of Euro Truck Simulator. In it, you will be given not only to turn the steering wheel, but also to create an office for your company, which will receive transactions from the auction. For realism, the developers added the level of sleep, hunger and first-person view. They were also allowed to turn on wipers, emergency lights, turn signals and even a radio with a choice of stations. So far, the project is only available on Android.

Dungeon Valley quenches thirst in anticipation of Diablo: Immortal

Moving on to the one-button clone of Diablo – Dungeon Valley. It is made according to the Archero scheme: you move the hero and use abilities, and he himself attacks. The class is not allowed to choose, so it remains to play the role of a warrior. After going into the dungeons, he will be able to buy armor and data on the location of treasures. In the end, you can generally get fire armor with skulls. While an early version of Dungeon Valley is available in Australia, you can download the APK via our Telegram channel.

AFK Arena creators launch Dislyte MBT

Remember AFK Arena? Yes, its creators are making another mobile game, Dislyte. This is a turn-based RPG set in a cyberpunk setting. To win battles, you need to select a group of heroes with the synergy of the elements. The plot is presented through anime inserts, text dialogues and live 2D. Now for Dislyte they are holding OBT in some countries, and the game has already been signed on Google Play. Players complain that now they do not give out a 4-star archer at the start, and the chance of knocking out a hero through a gacha has decreased to 1%. If you still want to play, the installation file can be found in our Cart.

The Sun: Key of Heaven will delight Stalker fans

The studio AGaming +, which is known for the game The Sun: Origin, has released its sequel – Key of Heaven. In it, we will again find ourselves in the Wasteland, only this time the project is more elaborate. Players note that the animation of the NPC has become better, and the size of the location is much larger than the original. Haters, on the other hand, note the lack of imagination, they say, they are also weapons and a huge flow of information at the start, which no one will remember. In general, people say that Key of Heaven is a heavily reworked Origin. For example, NPCs came to life and even spoke, they react to damage and even run into cover. So even with all the disadvantages, this is the best analogue of Stalker on smartphones.

Boom Beach: Frontlines estimated launch date known

The creators of Brawl Stars are set to release an early version of Boom Beach: Frontlines by the end of 2021. In it, we choose a sniper, a medic, an attack aircraft and other cartoon guys, and then we are eager to capture points. Yes, the locations are much larger than in the same Brawl Stars, although the general mechanics remain the same: run and shoot. By the way, it will be possible to get into a tank for a hard coin, which also fires a flamethrower. This will be required to erect a tower at two points and hold them with the team for 10 seconds.

How to play Harry Potter: Magic Awakened?

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened has been released in China. We have already managed to get acquainted with the game and were very pleased. The game tells the story of new heroes who are waiting for cool adventures in familiar scenery. In terms of game mechanics, this is a card battler with adventure elements. The graphics here are really lamp-based and resemble book illustrations. In general, so far this is the best Harry Potter game for smartphones. And yes, downloading Magic Awakened is as easy as shelling pears, you just need to follow the instructions on our website. We will leave the links in the description.

Moonlighter ported to Android, but there is a catch

Finally, we have news about Moonlighter, which was launched on Android. Yes, it seems that 11 bit studio kept its word, but the game is not available in all regions. It turns out that this is a trial run, but the Russian language is in place (the video with the gameplay can be viewed in the tips). If you manage to install the game using workarounds, you will get a new interface, controls and balance of difficulty. The cost is about 700 rubles, depending on the selected country. If we talk about gameplay, then we will collect valuable things in dungeons and different dimensions, so that we can then sell them in our shop. We set our own prices and look at the reaction of buyers, but be careful, some of them may turn out to be thieves.

And that’s all for me. Stay with us, support us with your activity, and we will continue to tell you about new games and maybe even do it even more often. Bye everyone, see you in a week.

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