Volunteer is a first-person shooter with horror elements coming to PC

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The guys at R2 GameStudio are making a first person shooter called Volunteer. There will be a lot of horror. This theme is reminiscent of Cry of Fear – the dead in wheelchairs, in ventilation shafts and a mental hospital (hello Outlast). We have whole machines at our disposal, so everything is under control. Sometimes poisonous gases will come across on the road; at such moments it is necessary to put on a mask. There are local first-aid kits in closets and drawers. The player can interact with the environment. For example, shoot a fire extinguisher to make it explode.

The plot is as follows: a former soldier wakes up from a coma in a clinic. It turns out that he was a blood donor. In fact, experiments were carried out here on the DNA of humans and animals. Something went wrong and now our soldier needs to stay alive. The clinic is now home to many bloodthirsty creatures. You can help indie developers through Patreon

Volunteer is coming to PC. There is currently no release date. The game incorporates the best of the horror genre and is similar to the popular horror projects of yesteryear.

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