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Walkthrough Detroit Become Human – Mission #20: Pirate Cove

After Kara and Alice, along with Luther, escaped from Zlatko’s house, the main characters seek shelter.

Their main goal is to cross the border into Canada, where they can feel more secure. For now, they should focus on finding a place where they can spend the night.

Kara, Alice and Luther travel by car. But the car broke down. The cold winter makes travel difficult. Low temperatures are not a problem for androids, but for a child …

Therefore, the main goal is to find a safe and warm shelter for the night.

Start – Freeway

The chapter will start in the car. Luther is driving. You can inspect the car. Do the following:

  • view messages (1) — turn on messages using the panel located on the dashboard of the car.
  • look at Alice (2) – look at the girl who is sitting in the back.
  • talk to Luther (3), look at Luther and start a conversation (doesn’t matter which dialogue you choose)

When the conversation between Kara and Luther ends, the car will break down (4). Get out of the car. Open the hood of the car to check the malfunction (5). It turns out you can’t go any further. So go ahead. Look around the area (6). In the distance you will find advertisements. Kara, Luther and Alice will go to the bay.

Inside Pirate Cove (7)

You will be in an amusement park. Your goal is to find cover. To do this, carefully inspect the location.

  • Check the buildings (8) – on the left side of the road you will find an area marked with skulls. Come closer to explore this place.
  • Turn on the android Ivan (9) – a little further, also to the left of the road, you will find a pirate figure behind the glass. Use the crank to launch it.
  • Explore the frozen Jerry (10) – on the other side of the area with Ivan there is a path between the buildings. The frozen android stands at the end. Come to him to run him.
  • Look at the map (11) – next to the frozen android you will find a map pinned to the boards. Investigate her.

Return to the main road. Turn right and go straight. On the left, in front of the carousel, you will find the tavern building.

Go to the boarded entrance to check out the abandoned tavern (12). Then go inside (13). Luther will help you open the passage.

Hotel (14)

When you are inside, do the following:

  • Read: “USS Iowa” (15) and “Android Crew” (16) – the magazine can be found on the barrel.
  • Look at the pirate (17) – a figure of a pirate holding a piece of paper can be found at the entrance to the inn.
  • Look out the window (18) – go to the window and look outside.
  • Look at the flyer (19) – the flyer is on the floor next to the chest.
  • Look at the letter rA9 (20) – in the corner of the room, on the wall, you will find a red writing on the wall.
  • Luther lights the fire (21) – meanwhile – doing the above – Luther will light the fire in the fireplace.

Go to the window with the green curtain (A). Move it aside and take the pillow from the windowsill. Go to the fireplace and Alice’s bed (22). Then approach the girl who is looking at the poster (23). Talk to Alice (24). Your relationship will improve. Then Alice goes to bed (25).

Go to the bag that is on the counter. Open it (26) to:

  • Offer Cake (27) – Alice won’t be hungry (28).
  • Inspect Weapon (29) – Kara notices a weapon (30) that she can use.

Go to the girl who is sitting in front of the fireplace. Kara will tell Alice a story (31), which you can create by choosing the dialogue options that appear on the screen. As Kara tells the story, Luther will approach you and say goodnight.

Then talk to Luther (32). You can move the rA9 object if you have looked at the writing on the wall (20). During the conversation, guests will come (33). You will have twenty-five seconds to do one of four things:

  • grab a weapon (34) – this action will be available if you have previously searched the bag (Kara notices a weapon – 30)
  • take a stick from the fireplace (34)
  • protect Alice (34)
  • put out the fire (34)

Regardless of which you choose, the action in the game will be the same. Then you can choose another solution:

  • make a warning shot (35) – this option will be available if you took out a weapon from your bag
  • threat (35)
  • ask (35)
  • push away (35) – this option will be available if you removed the stick from the fire.

It turns out that the attackers are Jerry (36), who have good intentions. They invite Alice to play together. Therefore, return to the street (37) and go to the carousel (38). Approach the panel and turn on the device (39). Then put Alice on the carousel (40).

The girl will be happy riding the carousel and all the heroes will rest together (41).

Walkthrough Detroit: Become Human


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