Walkthrough Detroit Become Human – Mission #25: Capitol Park

The chapter will begin in Jericho. After a short conversation – between the main characters – the game will move to Capitol Park, located in Detroit. Marcus will participate in the mission, and North will help him. The task is to free the androids from the Cyberlife store.

To do this, you first need to secure the area around the building, and then break into the store. When you manage to free the androids and transform them, your next goal will be to leave a message of sorts – like a manifesto of the fight for freedom.

You can choose one of two paths: pacifist and aggressive. Depending on the actions taken, the audience will react differently to your actions. Moreover, your approach will affect the future of the main characters and the ending.

Mission start

After watching the cutscene, you will appear in Detroit. Open the hatch and leave the channel. On the left, on cardboard, there is a magazine. Read the articles: “Who is this” (1) and “Android for President” (2). North will open the gate through which you will enter the street. A police drone will fly. Hide (avoid the police car – 3) or wait – then North will save you (4).

Follow North until you reach the shop (5).

Get to the store (5)

After finishing the conversation with North, you will have ten minutes to secure the area before you sneak into the Android store. Approach the entrance and analyze the interior. Look at the security camera that is attached to the ceiling (to the left and right of the room). This way you will identify the signaling network.

Follow the red beam that comes out of the store. Look at the ground to see it. This will take you to a spot where two androids are doing renovations. Jump down and make sure they are on your side. Tilt the handset and turn off the alarm (6). The drone will appear above Marcus’ head. Select the hide option (7) so that you won’t be noticed.

Before turning off the alarm (6), you can first destroy the drone (9) so that it does not bother you when the store is hacked. Below you will find information on how to do this.

Follow the red light that will lead you to the place where you turn off the siren.

To secure the area, do the following:

  • Destroy the drone (9) – go to the store; above Marcus’s head you will see a drone. Analyze it and reconstruct the route to find the optimal jump positions. You will find it on the reconstruction panel – the first yellow fragment on the right. Then go to the forests. When you find the best way, Markus will jump on the drone (8). When he catches it, quickly press X to knock him to the ground.

  • Block the road (10) – follow to the crossroads. At the end of the road, you will notice two androids doing roadwork. Look at the boards with the words: “BUILDING WORKS”. Come to the workers and address them. When you do this, Markus will push the board onto the road and North will change the writing on it.
  • Ram through the store (12) – you will find a truck (11) behind a fence next to a sign blocking the passage. Look through the fence and try to open it. Jump over the fence, hack the truck and open the gate. Get into the vehicle and drive in the direction of the store. Use the car to drive inside.

If you previously disabled the alarm (6), the police will not be called (13).

In store (14)

When Marcus gets out of the truck, walk up to all standing androids in the shop to transform them to awaken (15).

Now that you have freed the androids from the Cyberlife store, you will be able to “send a message”, that is, create a message that will be available to all people. Deviants – with Marcus – are fighting for their freedom and freedom from other androids who still serve their masters.

Get the message across

Leave the store. Now your task is to make a speech. It depends on you what character your monologue will have. Keep in mind that this will affect the strategy for fighting for freedom and will be relevant in the context of the end of the game.

As you approach different elements of the environment, you will choose what you want to do. Below we describe all the actions that can be performed. Express your approach to choose a calm (26) or aggressive (25) action.

All you can do is:

  • Paint on the benches / flip the benches (1) – go to the bench, select the option: color and choose a symbol that will now be associated with androids fighting for freedom. The destroy option will increase the level of aggression.
  • Hack billboards / turn off billboards (2) – The screens can be found next to the benches. By hacking monitors, you increase the level of pacifism, and by turning them off, you increase the level of aggression.
  • Paint the statue / destroy the statue (3) – the statue is between the road and the benches. Destroying the statue will increase the level of aggression, and by drawing a symbol on it, you will increase the level of pacifism.
  • Push the car / flip the car (4) – cars are standing by the road.
  • Paint a car (5) – by painting a sign on a car, you will increase the level of pacifism.
  • Give up the Molotov (6) / take the Molotov (7) – when you approach the gazebo that is in front of the building that says “CAPITAL PARK”, North will approach Markus and give a Molotov cocktail. By accepting it (7), you will increase the level of aggression significantly, and by refusing (6), you will increase the level of pacifism.
  • Raise the Flag (8) – Go to the gazebo that is in front of the building that says “CAPITOL PARK” and plant the flag to increase the level of pacifism. This option will be available if you refused (6) to take a Molotov cocktail.
  • Light the Fire (9) – Destroy the gazebo that is located in front of the building with the sign “CAPITOL PARK” by using a Molotov cocktail to increase the level of aggression. This option will be available if you have taken (7) Molotov Cocktail.
  • Hack the Lanterns/Turn off the Street Lights (10) – Approach the street light and hack it to increase the pacifism level. Power outages will increase the level of aggression.
  • Hack Android Parking / Destroy Android Parking Lots (11) – Parking spaces can be found in various locations. By hacking them, you will increase the level of pacifism, and by destroying them, you will increase the level of aggression.
  • Draw on windows / break windows (12) – go to the showcase. By drawing an inscription on the window, you will increase the level of pacifism, and by destroying the window, you will increase the level of aggression.
  • Hack the Bus Stop / Destroy the Bus Stop (13) – The bus stop is in front of the android store.
  • Overload the power grid (14) – walk up to the parking meters and hack them to increase the level of aggression
  • Free the androids in the display cases (15) – go to the display case with androids. By breaking glass, you will increase the level of aggression.
  • Raise the Banner (16) – Climb up to the roof to plant a hologram with the symbol of free androids. This will increase the level of pacifism.
  • Set fire to: cafe (17), cars (18), hotel (19), Cyberlife (20), garbage (21) – actions will be available if you took a Molotov cocktail (7). The cafe is located opposite the building with the inscription “CAPITOL PARK. The cars are on the road, the hotel is in the CAPITOL PARK building, and Cyberlife is the android store that you entered with the truck.


You won’t do all of the above at one time, so if you want to implement the circuit 100 percent, you’ll have to repeat this chapter several times.

After a while, when you complete some of the above actions, a police patrol will appear (22) and the androids will have to run. The ending will depend on the decisions you made as you approach the various elements of the Capitol area.

  • Markus did not deliver the message (30) – after freeing the androids from the Cyberlife store, do nothing, just wait.
  • Marcus demonstrated using violence (31) – present a clear message (24) by performing as many aggressive actions as possible (25)
  • Marcus held a peaceful demonstration (32) – present a clear message (24).

When the police patrol appears (22), go to North, who is in the middle of the street, and talk to her. Then approach the group of androids that have captured the two officers. The deviants want revenge, but Markus will make the final decision on what to do with them:

  • Kill (26) – The cops will be killed.
  • Spare (27) – The police will not be killed.
  • Let the crowd decide (28) – leave your decisions to the deviants.

The team will then return to Jericho (29) and the mission will end.

Walkthrough Detroit: Become Human


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