Walkthrough Detroit Become Human – Mission #28: Last Chance, Connor

The location of Jericho is important to Hank and Connor’s investigation, you already know. It depends on whether Connor received this information from Kamsky in the “Meet Kamsky” mission. Receiving this information depended on whether Connor passed Chloe’s kill test.

If for moral reasons you did not, the location of Jericho must be found in another way. In this chapter, Connor will infiltrate the police archive. In it, based on the collected evidence, he will try to find the whereabouts of the deviants. The success of this task will depend on the thoroughness of the actions performed during the entire investigation, that is, all the missions that Connor was on.


To the left of where you started the chapter is a magic stone – look at it (1). Amanda stands in the middle of a frozen pond. Talk to her (2).

At the beginning of the conversation, Kamsky will be touched upon. If Connor knew the location of Jericho, then relations with Amanda would improve. If not, the Android executive will be disappointed. Asking Amanda about the Connor or CyberLife series will make your relationship worse.

At the police station (3)

The scene will begin in the office of Fowler, Lieutenant Anderson’s superior. You will witness a fight between Fowler and Hank (4). Partner Connor won’t be able to convince his boss. The lieutenant will be fired from the case.

If you found out the location of Jericho (5) in the chapter “Meeting with Kamski”, the described mission will end after talking with Hank, and Connor will go to the deviant headquarters.

However, if the location is unknown (6) and Connor collected enough evidence during his previous job (7) to find the deviant headquarters, the chapter will continue.

If there is not enough evidence (8), the mission will end with Connor being deactivated (9). Such an ending will be met by a player who has so far found very few clues and information related to Jerich and rA9.

So if the whereabouts of Jericho is unknown (6) and there is enough evidence (7), then you can talk to Hank (11) because he will go to his desk (10). Whether Connor will convince Anderson to continue working together will depend on the level of the relationship.

Even if the relationship between the partners is hostile, you can continue the mission, but then Hank will give up and leave (17) and will not help Connor.

One way or another, Perkins (12) will show up and take over the investigation. While talking to Hank, Connor will try to convince him that the investigation should continue. Connor must get into the archives to re-gather the evidence. Anderson’s answer depends on your relationship.

  • Hank Will Help (13) – Lieutenant will help Connor if they are friends. During the sorra (19), Hank will hit Perkins (16), allowing the android to enter the archive.
  • Hank will leave (14) – if the relationship between partners is an enemy, then Hank will leave
  • Hank won’t help (15) – if the relationship between the partners is moderate, Anderson will admittedly talk to Connor, but he will leave (17) .

In case Hank leaves (14) or doesn’t help (15), you will have to look for another solution to get to the archive. To do this, diversion (19) should be carried out. You have two minutes to do this.

Come to the prison cells. Hack the panel to free the prisoner (18). He, during the escape, will cause panic among the FBI agents and police officers. You will have a moment to get to the place where the evidence is kept. Take the key (20) from Henk’s desk and go to the archive (21) – the room with the inscription “ARCHIVE ROOM”.

When you are inside, Gavin will appear (Gavin suspected – 22). How you get rid of him will affect the ending. If you manage to trick him, he will not appear in the archive at the end of the mission and you will not have to fight him.

  • If you ignore Gavin (23), Gavin will get suspicious (26). When you find the location of Jericho, he will return (46) to the archive and you will have to fight him.
  • If you get rid of him (24) then he will be suspicious (26). When you find the location of Jericho, he will return (46) to the archive and you will have to fight him.
  • If you answer calmly (25), then Gavin will be convinced (27). When you find the location of Jericho, you will avoid meeting him.

After meeting with Gavin, Connor goes down to the basement (28). Open the glass door with the card you took from Hank’s desk.

In the evidence log (29), find the location of Jericho

Come to the panel. Guess Hank’s password (30). Thus, you will open access to evidence (31).

The wall with the evidence you have already collected will appear in front of you. You have over four minutes to complete the task. There are several ways to find Jericho.

1. Go to the post that is in the center of the wall. Read Rupert’s Journal (32) which is on the left. Put it down and go to Rupert’s body (33) to examine it. You will need part 9164x to activate it. This component can be found in the body of Daniel (34). Take it out and place it in Rupert’s body to activate it (35).

Then scan its memory to get the decryption key (36). Now return to Rupert’s diary. By analyzing it (37) you will find the location of Jericho (45).

2. Examine the body of the android from Stratford (38). The part (3983v) needed to run it is in Daniel’s body. Remove the component and insert it into the android case from Stratford. This way you will restart it (39). Android will not want to reveal the location of Jericho (Talk to Devinat – 40).

Go to the bookshelf and take Marcus’ writing pad (41). It is located on the left. Play the movie and copy Marcus’ voice to be able to impersonate him (42). Go to the android from Stratford. Deceive the deviant (43) by speaking in Marcus’s voice. This way you will find the key to Jericho (44) and find the location (45).


  • Connor beat Perkins (51) – when you localized Jericho (45) and convinced Gavin (27) you left the archive easily.
  • Connor defeated Gavin (52) – when you localized Jericho (45), but earlier Gavin was suspicious of you (26), you will have to fight him (47). You will unlock this ending if you win the duel (49).
  • Gavin will destroy Connor (53) – when you find Jericho (45), but earlier Gavin was suspicious (26) against you, you will have to fight him (47). You will unlock this ending if you lose the duel (48).
  • Connor was deactivated (9/54) – two paths lead to this ending. If time runs out (50) while searching for Jericho in the archive or not sabotaging (19) the police station, you will unlock this ending.
  • Connor will go to Jericho (55) – If you know the location of Jericho (5) in the Encounter with Kamski chapter, then Connor will go to the deviant headquarters at the beginning of the chapter. Thus, the scene with the sabotage (19) and the search for the location of Jericho in the archives will not appear.

Walkthrough Detroit: Become Human


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