Walkthrough Detroit: Become Human

Detroit Become Human is a new Playstation 4 exclusive. Quantic Dream’s latest film is once again directed by David Cage, the creator of several interactive hits in which the player directly influences the story.

Detroit Become Human takes us to Detroit 2038. The game has been divided into chapters that make up the entire story. Decisions made during the adventure have consequences that can lead to many endings for individual chapters and even the entire story.

Detroit Become Human is a special game where the choice of the first choice will affect the ending of the story.

Detroit Become Human is like an interactive movie in which the player’s decisions play a key role. You will spend most of your time managing characters, interacting with humans and androids, and looking for important tips and interactive elements.

Here is the complete walkthrough of the game. The description of the transition was based on the scheme, that is, the function available in the game menu. You can use it at any time during chapter playback. The diagram shows the selection branch in a very accessible way, and at what stage you are at the moment.

All missions in order:

General tips for Detroit: Become Human

  • You can change the difficulty level of the game at any time. Everything is available two: easy and proficient. If you are an experienced player and you like the difficulty, choose the latter. The first one is for people who play games less often and prefer to follow the story.
  • Most decisions, even those that seem insignificant at first glance, make a huge difference. Every move you make, answers or clues you collect can have a bearing on the course of the story. Therefore, think about your next step, although sometimes you will have to make a decision quickly.
  • You can always go back to key role moments to solve them differently. Then you will change the course of the story, although this solution works best when replaying.
  • Carefully look through the locations, look for tips and interactive elements. Thinking mode is very useful in these actions (hold down the R2 button) so that most of the relevant information will be highlighted or marked with an orange icon.
  • If you want to change the text of dialogues or subtitles, you can do so in menu settings: language. It has several languages ​​available including English and Polish. What’s more, you can also change the size of the subtitles.
  • Detroit: Become Human uses all the features of the PlayStation, including the touchpad and gyroscope. You can use the touchpad feature, for example, when browsing the pages of magazines by making gestures (swipe your finger on the touchpad according to the directions you see on the game screen). However, the gyroscope is often used during QTE or other activities. By tilting the joystick vertically and horizontally, you move according to what you see on the screen. For example, when pouring water from a jug into a glass, you need to tilt the controller 90 degrees.
  • Be aware that there is a risk that one of your characters may die during the game. However, this does not mean the end of the game – it will simply change the course of events in history. However, if you cannot accept this situation, just go back to the last point and then try other solutions.
  • During the conversation, you will have little time to choose the desired topic of the dialogue. Hasty decision making can even lead to some form of mission or death. Therefore, if you need more time to think about it, quickly go to the game menu (options button). In the background of the menu, you can see the dialogue options you can choose from, but the game time will be stopped. Return to the game when you choose one of the answers.

Story background and characters

The game takes place in Detroit, the city where the headquarters of CyberLife, that is, the organization that produces androids, is located. The android stories are the most emphasized and the entire plot of the game is built around them.

The main characters – Connor, Kara and Marcus – are machines that resemble people. You will learn their history, you will make key decisions for the plot. Although the main plot centers on a different character, the stories of Connor, Kara and Marcus take place at the same time and intertwine with each other, which will force the fates of the main characters to come into contact with each other.

The action is unfolding soon. The technology associated with androids is so advanced that machines have begun to replace humans at work and in daily duties. Machines help around the house, take care of children, clean the streets or work at service points, prepare meals or replace salesmen.

Many citizens do not like the fact that robots are replacing humans. There are more than thirty percent of the unemployed in the city, which means that society is rebelling against this state of affairs. People are increasingly expressing their emotions by leaning in and attacking androids.

An important theme in the story told in the game is the problem of deviants, androids, whose software has been damaged as a result of experienced emotional events that affect the “psyche” of machines.

Under the influence of unforeseen events during which the robot witnesses aggression towards itself or another person, the software may be damaged. This will lead to machine defects. They will begin to realize and decide their fate.

Management and mode of thinking

It is very easy to control the game due to the fact that in most cases there are buttons on the game screen.

  • R2 – start the thinking mode.
  • R1 – change the view of the camera.
  • L1 – preview of the interactive element (the function will work when approaching the place marked with the L1 symbol).

Buttons: L1, R1 and R2 can also be used in arcade and QTE scenes. Then you won’t be able to run the functions associated with them.

Thinking mode is used to find important information and advice. Hold the button: R2 to launch it. The image will then be resized and the interactive elements will be highlighted or marked with an orange icon. Moreover, in some cases, the function will show you the path to the goal (a blue arrow will appear on the game screen).

Use this mode often because you can easily miss something. Often, interactive elements open up new paths, and their study will allow you to use certain facts in dialogues with other characters.

Decisions and consequences of elections

Detroit: Become Human is a game where the choices you make matter because they will affect the fate of the characters. Through your decisions, you affect the end of the chapter, and poorly managed dialogue or a QTE scene can lead to character death. Therefore, do not make a frivolous choice until you have mastered all the tips and information that you will find it easier to see in this mode.

Your choice may not only have short-term consequences that will manifest themselves in a few minutes. The game is structured in such a way that some decisions made in previous chapters will only matter in later chapters.

Outline of story and chapters, additional content

In the game menu, you have access to a schematic or chronological sequence of events. Circuits can be divided into two categories: history and chapters. The first one is available in the main menu of the game (you can use this option before or after the game). The second one will be displayed in the game menu (options button on the panel), which you can access during the game.

On the story chart, chapters that were previously completed can be selected for replay. Thanks to this, you can check how other decisions made can change the fate of the heroes. Scenes that you have not yet discovered will not be visible in this menu.

The chapter diagram will show you a branch of the key events that influenced the plot along with the decisions made. This feature allows you to see what steps you can take to cover as many interactive elements as possible that will provide new information and diversify the story.

You can view the diagram at any time (just go to the game menu). After completing each chapter, a diagram will be displayed on the game screen, showing which path you have chosen to reach the final game stage.

After completing a chapter, you will receive points that you can spend on unlocking add-ons such as: concept graphics, movies, soundtrack, gallery, magazines. You can find them in the main menu of the game. The number of points you can get depends on the degree of performance and detection of all events and interactive elements of individual chapters.

Is it worth replaying chapters or the whole game?

Yes, although we recommend beating the game once. Then you will feel that your choices have a real impact on the story.

If you want to repeat a chapter, for example, to prevent someone from dying, you can replay it at any time, saving your progress. If you do, then it will be reflected in the rest of the story.

Remember that you can’t overwrite the game progress either. You can check what happens if you make a different decision, but this will not affect the further course of the story.

By going through the game from scratch – or just individual chapters – you can learn the story and its elements that affect the fate of all heroes. You can also check what happens if you made a different decision.


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