Walkthrough Zombie Army 4: Dead War – Chapter 1. Bloody Dead End

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We bring to your attention a detailed walkthrough of the missions of the first chapter of Zombie Army 4: Dead War with the location of all collectible items: documents, comics, zombie hands and upgrade kits.

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Trial: Dismember 20 enemies. During the passage of the mission, aim at the limbs of opponents (arms and legs). It’s much easier to complete the challenge at the point where you need to kill the zombies on the tower (just shoot all the zombies below).

Before starting a level, select the difficulty level and customize your character. Watch the video, go down and kill all the enemies. Get over the obstacle and enter the territory of the base (the gate will open automatically when you get close to it). You can look around and search the containers to get the first frag grenades and high explosive mines. Enter the building and talk to Boris.

After talking with him, go to the room on the right. To the left of the stairs, on the table lies document. Climb the stairs and open the door ahead to enter a dark room. On the shelf on the right is comic page. Climb higher and help kill the four zombies that have occupied the communication tower. You can also use this moment to execute mission test. In addition, at the bottom, where a crowd of zombies walks, there is a round pit. Usually to the left of it moves severed zombie hand. Shoot her.

Talk to the doctor, get the first first-aid kits from the containers. A passage will open on the right. Do not rush to go through the corridor. Instead, break the boards in front and take from the table upgrade kit. Go to the shelter.

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  • Documents 1/1
  • Comic Pages 1/1
  • Upgrade Kits 3/3
  • Zombie hands 1/1

Trial: Kill 75 enemies with explosives. Use fragmentation grenades and explosive mines. There will be a lot of zombies on the level, which are often moved by the crowd.

First Upgrade Kit stands on the table in front of Eddie’s shop. Take it. Do not rush to leave the shelter! Move away from Edie’s shop in the opposite direction and go down the stairs to the subway on the right. There will be a guy who runs the shooting gallery. Start the test by clicking on the green button on the right. A shooting gallery will open. Shoot all the tethered zombies, but don’t hit the female mannequins. If you pass the test (by the way, you have unlimited time to complete it), then the door to the next room with a reward will open. As a reward you will receive second upgrade kit.

Leave the shelter after using the workbench. Open said door and go forward to watch a cutscene. The zombie invasion will begin. Destroy them by any means. Do not forget that there are turrets at the location. Use explosives to slowly start the test.

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After the victory, make your way through the wagon, kill the first zombies and get to the door with the first seal. The mechanics are simple: in order for the seal to disappear, you must destroy almost all mutants.

After the victory, enter the building. Zombies will destroy the walls. To the right are the waiting benches. On them lies comic page. By the way, you might have noticed the Shoot Me sign in front and the blades on the right. Shoot them to launch a propeller that will suck in nearby mutants.

After the victory, go through the car to the left of the propeller. Do not hurry! On the wagon opposite will crawl zombie handwhile the game forces you to turn left and climb the pile.

After destroying the hand, climb the pile and go down. Finish off a lot of enemies. you can shoot the blades to start the electric tracks. After the victory, go under the archway and destroy another large group of zombies. This is where kamikaze zombies will appear for the first time. Kill them when they run far away, but so that they fall and explode next to the rest of the mutants. Don’t forget the test!

After the victory, find the stairs on the right, go upstairs and take upgrade kit. But below, on the left hand there is a room where lies document. After collecting everything, you can safely go to the shelter.



  • Documents 1/1
  • Comic Pages 1/1
  • Upgrade Kits 1/1
  • Zombie hands 1/1
  • Heroic action 1/1

Trial: Trample 15 enemies. Hit the zombies with melee attacks and then finish them off while they’re on the ground.

Exit the shelter and kill the first enemies. You can get started right away test and stomp on zombies. Do not rush to go down to the subway. Instead, go to the right of it and in one of the shops on the right you will find document. Go through the subway and kill another crowd of zombies. When the seals collapse, be prepared for the fact that kamikazes will run down the stairs towards you.

After killing them, go up the stairs and immediately run down the other steps ahead! Otherwise, two people in the building could be killed! Run inside and help the survivors finish off the zombies. It is enough for at least one of them to survive, so that you did a heroic act. As a reward, you can pick up from the safe new headdress.

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Climb back up the stairs and turn left. A cut-scene will start. After viewing it, the game hints to you that you need to move down the stairs on the right, to the cliff. But you will go down to the blocked building on the left. Turn around and go to the side of the stairs to find upgrade kit. Having done this, you can open a large container that contains heavy weapons.

Now move along the marker, but do not rush to pull the lever. Prepare for battle with a large horde and a flamethrower. First, in the same room, find comic page. When you’re ready, pull the lever. Your best bet is to switch to your rifle, enter aiming mode, hold your breath, and shoot the red canister on the flamethrower’s back. When you kill him, use the flamethrower on the rest of the monsters.

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