Wall Street Journal: Microsoft wants to buy Discord for $ 10 billion, what does this mean for the industry?

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You may have noticed rumors that Microsoft is in talks with the creators of Discord to buy their chat. Apparently these are well-founded rumors, because the publication started talking about them. Wall street journal… According to him, the deal will be closed next month, April. The price is still debated, but the approximate figures are $ 10 billion or more. The sources point to unnamed insiders, so this may be a stuffing. One way or another, after the purchase of Zenimax and, accordingly, Bethesda, such a move from Microsoft would be logical. The corporation wants to have more offers for customers.

Initially, Discord was popular among gamers, but since the beginning of the pandemic, everyone has become interested in it. The creators of this application even thought about publicly selling the company’s shares. If you remember, before that Microsoft tried to buy out TikTok, but due to the political wars between the United States and China, this did not succeed.

Negotiations between the two companies may fail, then Discord most likely decides to sell shares. If all goes well, Microsoft will continue to use it as “a place for everyone to communicate.”

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