War In Arms: Prime Forces looks much better than Rainbow Six Mobile

The team shooter War In Arms: Prime Forces is preparing for alpha testing, the developers are accepting the application. This will be a clear fight against Ubisoft.

The other day the French announced Rainbow Six Mobile, for which an alpha test will take place in a few weeks. It turns out that they will have an opponent in the face of War In Arms: Prime Forces. Now on official website is being recorded for alpha testing, it will be purely for Android and with two modes: every man for himself and clearing without a rank.

In terms of arsenal, Prime Forces will offer two pistols, two assault rifles, the same number of submachine guns and one shotgun for now. After the transition to the beta stage, we are promised more content. As for the gameplay, the latest trailer shows the fight between special forces and terrorists in a 5v5 format. They can fortify or destroy walls, shoot enemies through cracks, or engage in lightning-fast street fights.

By the way, the developers of WIA: Prime Forces warn in advance that the emphasis during testing will be on mechanics and enjoyment of the gameplay, and not on realistic models.

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