War Mongrels Preview: A First Look at WWII Tactical Strategy

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In this article, we will look at the tactical strategy of War Mongrels about the Second World War, where the main characters, who are originally soldiers of the Wehrmacht, emerge from the encirclement and become resistance fighters. The brutality of war changes their views and leads to an understanding of the value of human life.

Without this description and knowledge of English, an inexperienced viewer may decide in the very first mission that the poor fighters of the Reich are opposing aggressive Russians. Alas, the localization of the game into Russian has so far been limited to the voice acting of the remarks of Russian soldiers, which are quite often obscene and completely meaningless for understanding the project.

Gameplay War Mongrels continues to work with a basic set of real-time tactics mechanics and, of course, contains a tactical mode to issue several commands at once. As with the 1941 guerrillas, War Mongrels offers players the option of direct confrontation with weapons in hand, where needed, or if the player is confident in their abilities, which allows for a diversified gameplay.

Of the minuses, we can note the lack of localization at this stage and the rather unresponsive interface for selecting opponents, which is quite often annoying.

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