Warframe Mobile has an approximate release date, but it’s bad

Warframe developers have told when you can expect the mobile version. But that doesn’t make it any easier.

After the announcement of Warframe Mobile, the industry had one question: “When to wait for the release?” The other day we received an official response, although it did not come in the form of a post, announcement or press release, but in the form of a response to one of the users Twitter… In fact, cross-play, cross-save and mobile versions should be expected in 2022. We are promised more information after the New Year. This attitude shows that the developers do not attach much importance to Warframe Mobile.

In general, it all started with a post about the release of the “The New War” update for the original Warframe. Twitter users began to speculate about when to wait for the release of the mobile phone, because the developers promised this and other features after the release of The New War. In the new patch, players will have one grind, if you believe official description… Basically, we will be completing missions and storing up a new resource, Aya. It can be exchanged for relics that contain blueprints for new armor.

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