Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade guide, what a newbie needs to know?

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Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade is a mobile strategy game. This says a lot: players need to farm resources, knock out cool commanders and upgrade constantly. If a beginner spends his items and currency left and right, he will only make it worse for himself.

That is why we decided to guide those who are just starting to take their first steps and do not want to make mistakes because then they will have to pay with their own time or real currency. Suppose there are additions to the guide, urgently in the comments. This is taken as a basis. Guide.

How do I get legendary heroes?

At the sixth level, you get a daily login reward. If you do this for seven days, you will receive the Legendary Chronus as a gift. It is useful in that it increases the damage and health of tanks. The second on the list is Telion; it can be unlocked after completing the Welcome Commander questline. You will have to fork out a little for the third legendary hero, but for a serious player, 99 rubles is not money. For them, among other things, you will receive Sicarius.

How to use items correctly?

At the very beginning, the game generously distributes buffs to speed up construction. From the 1st to the 15th level, some buildings are placed for free and instantly convenient. From level 10, you can start spending these buffs on the sly; better to save all the same. You will also be given a teleport, which is useful for war or moving the base to a better place. We also save OD stimulators because later, they will bring more profit.

Expeditions, Quests and Chaos

To pump and obtain resources, you must constantly go on expeditions; scan the area until you have spent all the OD (action points). We also try to complete all tasks for three stars, where possible. For the passage, they give resources, equipment and crystals. If there are ODs left, then we attack Chaos or the enemy fleet.

How to build and develop an army in Lost Crusade?

During your absence or heroic battles at the base, work should not stop. If we are talking about research, then pump up the storage capacity to the maximum. Then comes the development of the base and military technology. Until the 15th level, do not create many low-level troops from the first to the third shooting gallery – rubbish. At level 15, we increase the army to 1,000 units of tanks, Whirlwinds and Primaris. We translate them to the highest shooting range. At levels 20 and 25, we repeat the scheme, only this time it will be the fifth and sixth shooting ranges, respectively.

What about the heroes? You will get blue and purple quickly, and this also applies to fragments for pumping them. Legendary (the coolest) is obtained through specials. Events, hero rescue or purchase in premium packs. Each of them has its own skills: one active and three passive. Heroes have a maximum level; it is limited to the level of the Administratum Outpost. Heroes can be automatically assigned to positions.

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