Warhammer 40000 Lost Crusade Guide: What a Newbie Needs to know

This list contains some things I have learned while playing the game and information from other players.

It is not in any specific order.

  1. Remember to link your account to either facebook or gamebox. If you lose your phone or have to delete the game, support cant/wont do anything with out the game is linked to your phone/ipad/facebook/gamebox gaming account.
  2. Take a screenshot of your in-game ID number. I think it’s the long number below your avatar icon. Support will ask for this and it’s only visible in-game, I believe. It’s also needed when you want to get support, so make sure you take a screenshot of it!
  3. You should always try to build up your forces at all times. This will help with defending and attacking, but also with mining.
  4. You use your army and heroes as your workforce to mine resources and attack
  5. If you want to spend money on the game, you can fairly easily get to VIP Lv.4 and unlock a second building slot so you can build two at a time
  6. In research, you can also unlock more army compositions. Unlocking a second and third marching army will allow you to mine resources and attack enemies harder. These are level 5 and level 15 unlockables in the military research tree.
  7. You’ll need a lot of fuel, so always keep your base fuel buildings to the max level. For low levels, it’s good to have over 10 of fuel and at least 6 capsules of adamantium. Also, I couldn’t find any plasma mines so joining an alliance is beneficial. You’ll need it for training Level 4 troops.
  8. Joining an alliance is a really good idea. You’ll get loads of items that will help you out, because there’s help at hand, an alliance gift and supplies. An alliance can also speed up your research & building time, as well as events & defending/attacking for all members
  9. Defeat Chaos forces for Defense Array building materials. Focus on getting at least a few levels in Defense Arrays, I have heard that they are important for preventing your HQ from being destroyed.
  10. There are online rewards, items you get for free.
  11. 7 days login rewards.
  12. Warp rescue: When you first build a Warp Rescue it will randomly cycle through animations. All of the included System Icons are equally unlikely. This is because the rewards you earn are all individualized based on where they were earned, not who or what constructed them. The big crystal things let you warp to a rescue point where you’ll find heroes. In 10 rescues, you’ll get a free hero. The item’s identity is random, so use them on spikes or chunks instead if those are more important. Every time a building is leveled up, the timer starts going down. If it reaches zero, you’ll be able to warp to a safe area.
  13. Save Crystals for shields level for your shield, but only if you are one or more over your capacity limit.
  14. Focus on warehouse: Protecting your resources with this technique ensures there’s less chance of being raided by resource packs or crystals. Try to stay inside the warehouse, leaving only fuel, metal, adamah, and plamsa behind to be taken. To mitigate raiding entirely you can also use shields.
  15. Garrison heroes are important because they can defend your base. They should be placed underneath the interceptor hangar and the warp rescuse.
  16. Put heroes under the warp tower to defend, get more building time or something else.

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