Warsmiths – Borderlands-like Tessellation Extraterrestrial Farm Simulator

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Insense Arts is set to release its debut project, Warsmiths. This is a farm simulator, just not on Earth. Our character is a marine in green clothes and a huge cannon (hello DOOM). The gameplay is isometric, the graphics just scream, “Just like in Borderlands.” This is all because of tessellation. The interface is overloaded with icons, cards, currencies, and so on. For the lazy, there is auto-attack, run and aim.

We collect money from our farm, the construction of new facilities takes time. During the excavation of local deposits, you can stumble upon an alien life form. Loot boxes drop crafting recipes. There is a cool robotic voice that reads the text. On top of everything else, you can take part in mini-games such as picking a lock. There are a lot of tasks in the game, for them rewards are generously given (in the first stages).

An early version of Warsmiths is already available on Android. This is a shareware project with microtransactions up to 8 999 rubles per item… There is no information about the version for iOS.

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