Wasteland 2 – All the important places in Happy Valley

image5 11 You can play Diablo 1 and the Hellfire expansion on iOS and Android

Landmarks, non-plot element

Places, Items, Peoples – Side Quests

Treasures (chests, safes, caches)

Toaster – The toaster contains dried juniper berries, which you can give to the vendor at the Gornikovich Distillery.

Chis VanOverbake – Here you can meet tax collector Chris VanOverbake and his people for the first time. You will be required to pay a weapon tax ($100). If you tell him no, you will have to fight him and you will immediately become an enemy of the Red Scorpions. If you pay, the Scorpions will move on and won’t bother you when you walk around the prison.

The gate to Red’s place is the gate behind which Red’s shop is located, guarded by two towers. To disable them, use the password “ROSEBUD” on the nearby computer (this password is unique – it appears in Wasteland 1 and no one in the game world will know this password – everything you hear from people is wrong).

You can also try to break in by force, but the turrets can even kill with one hit, so use heavy artillery from the very beginning – rockets, grenades or a sniper with, will fire from a higher range than the turrets can shoot, and the rest of your team keeps behind. Destroying the turrets will give you a lot of experience. You can also disable them with a password and then destroy them if you want experience without risking your men’s lives in combat.

An alternative way to get to Red is to use the caves – then you will get to the opposite side where there is a minefield.

Red – Everyone you ask about Damonta will say, “The Reds know the way.” He will say that he is located in areas with strong radiation and you need the best anti-radiation suits. He will also tell you that Baichowski, who is currently imprisoned in the Ranger Citadel, may possess these suits.

Outpost – A heavily guarded outpost of the Red Scorpions. If you’ve paid the gun tax, you can turn it in safely. If not, the Scorpions will immediately start shooting at you. The two Scorpions have heavy weapons on the rooftops – they should be your first target. You have to keep all your characters under cover, but be careful – heavy guns can destroy them.

It’s much easier to go to the right, where you’ll find a wall that can be destroyed, or even further up to a crane – then you can attack the Scorpions from behind or avoid them completely.

Hidden passage – leads to the caves of the Red Scorpions in the territory of the Prison. To unlock it, you need to hack a tap nearby. There are several Scorpions in the cave, but entering this side will be much easier than through the main entrance.

Damaged well – Mr. and Mrs. Kaminda will be happy if you can fix them well. If you do this, you will be able to replenish your water supply and you will receive FAMAS from Mrs. Kaminda.

Brown Farm – William Brown wants you to return it to the pigs confiscated by the Red Scorpions. You will find them on the farm in the prison.

Pitbull Slaves – Pitbull keep their slaves here. You can free them (each cage has its own alarm system). If you do this, he will find you and attack you – although he is an adversary, he uses grenades.

Alternatively, if you previously killed the Pitbull at the Rail Nomads Camp, you can now safely release the prisoners and don’t even have to look for an alarm.

Frank Darvis – Frank will tell you about the area. He will tell you, in particular, about Red, who has the anti-radiation suits you are looking for.

You can use the Animal Whisperer skill on his goat to calm him down and use brute force on his cart to help him. For helping him, he will allow you to trade with him. It also shows you the location of the Shrine on the map. He goes further, so you won’t meet him here.

Kirill Verba is a representative of the Scorpions, he sells food for local residents. He will be your enemy when you fight the Scorpions.

Damaged Forklift – Using the recovery skill, you can use the second pass around the area to avoid Chris Van Overback.

Statue – Gives all members of your team +1 skill point. It is guarded by Honey Badgers.

Anna Gegedus – She wants to kill her. She looks sick and without the possibility of saving her. If you kill her on one of Brown’s kids shows, he’ll want to talk about what you did. You can convince him that you did the right thing (Smart Ass lvl 1), kill him or let him go. If he tells his father about the situation, you will not be able to complete the mission for him (saving the pigs).

Cave – To enter here, you must brake open points. There are three types of creatures inside – Honey Badgers, Toads and Wolves. Especially since the former can be a problem due to their strong armor, so it’s wise to use weapons with good penetration.

image2 35 You can play Diablo 1 and the Hellfire expansion on iOS and Android

Through the cave you can reach Red.

Minefield – Here is one of the entrances to the cave. This is an alternate path to red if you don’t know the password to the gate. There are a lot of mines, it can be difficult without Perception and Destruction skills.

Also a lot of goats.

Wall – You can break it to attack the Scorpions from behind. Requires a high level of brute force (around 5, 6).

Crane – using computer skills on it, you can open the passage to the prison and open the entrance to the caves under the prison.

Fence – You can break it with brute force to unlock the passage.

You will be sent to jail after failing to mount the second repeater box. The main task here is to find information about the path to Damonta. Fifteen years ago, the prison was the headquarters of the Rangers, but now it is occupied by a former gang – the Red Scorpions, under whose jurisdiction are all locals and visitors, and technically your team.

You need to pay tax if you want to freely explore the valley

Actually, it’s a quasi optional place. You don’t have to worry about the Scorpio business, and what’s more, on your first visit to the region, you won’t be able to beat them. You will learn about Damont after you talk to Red and that conversation is really all you need to do here. However, you can help the locals a little and, optionally, devastate the ranks of the Red Scorpions. In the central part of the map, you will be contacted by tax collector Chris VanOverbeik, who demands payment for your weapon. If you don’t pay, he will become hostile. If you do this, you can freely move around the valley.


image3 24 You can play Diablo 1 and the Hellfire expansion on iOS and Android

Places, objects, peoples – the main plot

Landmarks, non-plot element

Places, Items, Peoples – Side Quests

Treasures (chests, safes, caches)

Toaster – Drug G drug that you can give to Sandler from Rattlesnake Militia.

Scorpions – About 10 Scorpions, with two heavily armed Bren. Scorpions will attack on this map, even if you paid the weapon tax in Happy Valley before, so be prepared for some tough battles. If you don’t want to fight, you can’t try to pass through my field.

Scorpion Barricade – The only entrance to the area to farm and on to the Prison. Heavily guarded, and moreover, the road goes up, so it will be a difficult time. So that you first are soldiers with grenades, then heavily armed and remember – behind heavy armor, energy weapons do their job. A very good strategy is to use the sniper rifle when the rest of the team is waiting behind – this way you will force the Scorpions out of their positions in the free space.

Try not to keep your team in a small group to minimize the risk of high grenade damage.

Prison – The entrance to the prison is guarded by heavy towers that you can’t get through. Let the story take its course – to get inside, you need to complete the main quest in Damonte. Then Jobe will give you an antidote for the Danforth dogs, which he has poisoned in the meantime. With the serum, go to the intercom in front of the prison entrance and tell Danforth that you have the antidote and he will let you in.

An alternative way is to get a robot part in need of repair near the entrance to the prison, which you can get from Tinker in Damonta.

Danforth is the Leader of the Scorpions, his death will destroy the Red Scorpion Militia. Also you can let him live and make peace between rangers and scorpions.

Jim Auwerter is the owner of a local farm. Compared to groups elsewhere, these Scorpions won’t attack, at least until you do them any harm.

Job – Job wants his farm back. He will ask you to kill Danforth, which you cannot do now.

Once you’ve planted the Repeater in Daymont, a desperate Job will poison Danforth’s dogs. When you visit him he will give you an antidote, with the witch you will be able to enter the prison using the intercom and informing Danforth that you can cure his dogs.

Brown’s Pigs – They will instinctively go to Brown’s farm when you get free (destroy the fence with brute force), but this will cause the local guards to attack you. Don’t forget to clear my field as well before you release these pigs.

Dogs – You can heal them using Job’s serum.

Cave – There you will find Scorpions. If you unlock a passage by moving a crate with a crane in Happy Valley, you can use this cave as a shortcut between the two areas.

image4 15 You can play Diablo 1 and the Hellfire expansion on iOS and Android

Stones delimit the safe zone

Typically, this is a combat location where you can’t do much from a storyline standpoint. You will fight Scorpios over and over again (whether you paid the valley tax or not), which can be tough, and what’s more, you won’t benefit from them (apart from experience, equipment, and satisfaction) i.e. ) because you still won’t be able to access the prison itself due to the powerful turrets that guard the entrance.

image5 12 You can play Diablo 1 and the Hellfire expansion on iOS and Android

The only safe place (as long as you keep a low profile) is the hilltop farm, but first you’ll need to fight your way through the formidable Scorpion fortifications to get to it. First of all, either deal with the enemies in the middle or go left through the minefield (deactivate the mines of course) to bypass the guards. Then you still need to fight your way through a well-stocked outpost, up a slope. First of all, you need to watch out for grenades and heavy machine guns. The best solution is to use one sniper, which draws the attention of opponents and draws them out into the open, as shown in the screenshot. Fighting for the plain, where the Scorpions have nothing to hide, is much easier.

You will only be able to enter the prison and deal with Danforth after visiting Damonta.


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