Wasteland 2 – Character Development: Perks

image1 423 Wasteland 2 - Character Development: Perks

Perks are a set of bonuses for a character or for the entire party that you buy in the process of gaining experience. These characteristics can be divided into general, available to all characters, and those that require the development of a specific perk. The diamond symbols on the bars indicate at what level the characteristic can be bought.

Perks have been split into strings and standalones. The former must be purchased in accordance with a predetermined order. If you don’t buy the previous one, you won’t be able to get the next ones. The latter can be purchased independently of the others. In other words, if you want to buy Desperado for pistols, you must first reach a certain level of experience and buy a bandit perk. Meanwhile, a focused perk can be purchased immediately after reaching a certain experience level.

Each character gets 1-4 character points, every 4 levels (4, 8, 12, etc.) and can be spent at any time. Therefore, you can buy a certain attribute immediately or later, when the array of available ones expands. Thanks to this, you can accumulate points until something better appears, which will never happen. Character development is a lengthy process, especially if the character has low intelligence, and as a result, the available attributes will not be numerous. For this reason, it’s best to buy stats as quickly as possible. If a perk that is important to you does not become available at the next experience level, in this case it is better to wait.

When choosing your perks, start with those that require specific perks, and then ask about the general ones. The latter can be chosen by any character, usually one or two per party. Of course, not all perks that require you to develop your character are worth considering, but they should still be your priority as special ones. Also, buy perks according to your needs because most of them will prove useful sooner or later.

Tormentor – Grants you a bonus against opponents that hide behind cover. It’s tempting, but only in situations where you’re fighting people, shooters, and uneven terrain. Animals and machines do not use cover, and people often end up making their rounds outside walls and boxes. This means that in many situations this one becomes useless. At least in the first half of the game, because in the second half, especially towards the end, you meet a lot of opponents who use covers. It’s a good idea to buy this perk, especially for a good sniper. Or fast members of a group that specializes in attacking from the side or from behind.

Hoarder – The maximum load you can carry without being overloaded is increased by 20%. It’s a good idea to assign one of the high power characters. Their task will be to carry heavy items and an excess of ammo and first aid kits. Later in the game, you can try to buy this bonus for another character. For a good party, many fights and quests will turn out to be a piece of cake that will allow you to save on ammo and health kits and get more loot. As a result, it will be easy to load your backpacks. If you have to drop items too often, invest your points in this bonus. If you have an extra room, you can ignore it.

Limber – The cost of crouching and standing up drops by 1 AP. This is a burdensome perk. If you know how to position your men before a battle, you don’t have to get up and crouch anymore. Also, it won’t be too useful for characters who fight in close combat and are constantly on the move. On the other hand, you are not always able to position yourself well before a battle, and you often have to move around. The action point you save will then be used elsewhere. You can take it if there is nothing better available, but there will be few situations in which you can use it.

Hit and deck! – Reduces explosive damage by 25%. This is a useful advantage if you can’t spread your group and you’ve already reached the point where opponents often use explosives. However, you are not going to use it in most of Arizona, and thereafter it will only be usable in a few cases. This may be ignored.

Gunpowder Packer – 10% more chance to find ammo when looting. Great perk, especially if more than one character picks it. Especially useful for a party that frequently uses firearms when multiple characters use the same ammo type. A handful more rounds, per crate, might seem like a small bonus, but it makes a savings – or a profit if you’re selling extra ammo – and at least one more shot. It’s a good idea to take this perk for at least one character. The faster the better. It also works in situations where there are no interesting privileges to choose from.

Healthy – +1 CON, a pear at every character level is a tempting thing, but only under a few conditions. First, your character must have good armor, otherwise he will lose extra points after one or two attacks. Secondly, the level of the character must be high, otherwise the bonus will be too small. If you don’t meet both conditions, it’s still a good idea to take advantage of this privilege. At least for the sake of it, a dozen or so extra CON points can determine if, after a course of intense battles, a character is still worth standing or not. Buy this one if there’s nothing better, or if you’re looking to buy a perk and you can’t decide.

Weathered – as in the case of Hit and the deck! Only for the sake of critical damage, which is most often caused by opponents using explosives. It’s a good idea to take him for melee characters or for those who play the role of a tank and take all the damage. Thanks to this, they will be able to withstand a little more. The rest can ignore it.

Hardened – +1 Armor – A worthy perk for tanks. Of course, the character will be wearing the heaviest armor, but it’s always a good idea to buff it up to reduce the damage they take. Other characters can do with this perk, but only in situations where they come under constant enemy fire. Those who are not being attacked can often ignore it.

Turtle – Improves the value of tricks when using cover. It is also good for characters who use short-range firearms in combat and are therefore exposed to constant enemy fire. It’s also useful for melee characters who want to get close to opponents and need to break between covers. Others may ignore it.


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