Wasteland 2 – How to find companions?

image1 409 Wasteland 2 - How to find companions?

During your travels, you can also find companions. These are people, people and machines that you recruit through your skills or conversation. They cannot be controlled, but they will follow your group and usually help you in combat. This category also includes quest-related NPCs that join your party for the duration of the quest and disappear right after. Unlike them, the machines you hack and the animals you tame follow you until they die, or until you drive them away if possible.

Your comrades can offer you various bonuses. In the case of non-combat actions such as goats or cows, they give you a bonus to the attributes of the character that tamed them. Each animal carries a bonus to a different attribute. Bonuses can be no higher than +1, but you can tame several animals at the same time. Combat-oriented animals such as large rats or alligators will help you in combat, just like machines and people. It is possible to capture / tame vehicles and animals both before and during the battle if the test for the corresponding skill is successful. This is especially useful in case of fights with numerous opponents or especially strong ones.

Depending on your strength, your companions will either serve as an essential aid to you in combat, or as cannon fodder, which is an additional supply of CON, of sorts. While this is limited in the case of animals, it is almost limitless in the case of robots, because you can fix them for free. All you need is a high enough level of repair. People and animals need first aid kits, and sooner or later you may not have enough of them.

Unfortunately, the lack of control over your allies can lead to a situation where your melee rangers are shot by allies from behind. Also, it can happen that a party member who plays a key role in a given quest rushes too far forward and is killed by friendly fire or hit by a grenade. Your companions cannot be stunned and at zero CON they die. Therefore, it is worth clearing the area in advance, and then offering the quester to go with you. If this is not possible, it is best to stand between him and the enemies. Rangers can be healed, but companions can’t. This is especially true for companions whose quests require you to travel between separate locations, because they will engage in fights with random groups of opponents.

Your party can have many companions and tamed animals. The condition is that the companion must be associated with the quest. In other words, if you meet a Lector (Provost at the Railroad Nomad Camp) and then Wax (Abandoned Railroad Station) who has no quests associated with them, and you decide to offer both to follow you, at each location you will only follow one of them. After death, it will be replaced by another.

Of the interesting satellites, it is worth noting Vax – a combat android. You run into him at an abandoned train station in Arizona. He doesn’t have too many CON points (only 50), but he has a powerful energy pistol that works well against humans and even better against machines. He always attacks in bursts and can perform two attacks per turn. The bursts are strong enough to take down a honey badger in one go, but with a bit of luck. In addition, it can be fixed an infinite number of times and receive a temporary bonus to AP, thanks to a successfully used hack. The train station is in a difficult position, mainly due to the shredders located there, and Wax’s AI can perform dumb maneuvers. And yet in the battles in Arizona Wax is indispensable. Using it appropriately means reducing complexity throughout the area. In California, he can be killed during the first random encounter with an energy weapon used by the Children of the Citadel.


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