Wasteland 2 – How to fix the irrigation system in Highpool

image3 273 Wasteland 2 - How to fix the irrigation system in Highpool

In the Highpool underground, you meet Kate Preston, who is struggling with pressure. To save the day, you need to open the valves for five pumps (blue lights). Notice the two rows of buttons in the screenshot on the wall next to the main computer. They open gates to individual rooms (yellow lights), but only 3 gates can be opened at a time. Leave one character (the weakest one) to visit the buttons while the others need to go ahead. The rooms have a swarm of mutated flies and grubs / Nothing special, but you should visit the Highpool store first if you’re running low.

The tips below only work for the base game. When it comes to Cut Director, the restriction on locks that can be picked up at the same time has been removed. Therefore, you don’t have to leave anyone at the main computer and you can explore the entire complex in any order.

Start in room 2, where you’ll find a spare valve that you’ll need shortly. From here, go around the complex and go to the fifth room, where you will find the first pump. Then into room 9 with another pump, then through 8 to 10 where there is damage to the pump. Replace the valve with the one you found in 2 . the last pump is in room 4. Also don’t forget to restore power to the radio tower in room 6. After you’ve saved the day, there’s still another pump to run, next to the control panel. A happy Katie returns to the surface to run for the new Major. You will witness the elections after you return to the surface.

Depending on whether you’ve already completed the side quest enough or not, before you fix the system, Katie will either win, lose, or fight and the election will be delayed. Then start helping the citizens by talking to Katy regularly – she will keep you up to date with polls in the city. Once she tells you that she will definitely win, you can start the election. Kathy will become the new mayor, and the city will return to the jurisdiction of the desert rangers. Talk to Kathy in her new office (in the same building as the store) and she will reward you.

Alternative solutions:

Don’t fix the system – reservoirs explode and the city loses its strategic value and will eventually die out;

Act to the detriment of the citizens of Highpool – don’t save the burning house, dig up the graves of Bobby and Rex, give cigarettes to the children who drink in the Weeping, etc. Then Sean Bergin becomes mayor, the city will be taken over by the Red Scorpions, and you are no longer welcome there.

Regarding quests:

Talk to Kate Preston about the Highpool Tunnels;

Help Kate Preston fix the Highpool irrigation system;

Help the people of Highpool elect a new mayor

Destroy the fortress of pests

From Sean Bergin, you will learn about the location of the headquarters, immediately after you first enter the city on the crane. You can get there to destroy the gang once and for all and search their hiding places (number 1 on the world map). There you will find a statue that gives each party member +1 skill point, two piles of rocks that require a shovel, some crates, and one safe that is difficult to break into. You can also complete this quest from Kate Preston when she becomes mayor.

You also receive this quest from Bergin after you visit the ruined Highpool after visiting the Ag Center.

The boat headquarters is a small location consisting of a tower and several bungalows. Most of the opponents have firearms, so be sure to take cover. With the exception of the shooter on the tower, all opponents are exposed and easy to defeat.

Help the dog find its owner

Talk to Adam Doochin to find out about his missing dog Ha-Hau. If you decide to find him, he will give you his favorite toy. put a toy on the dog (next to the graveyard) and he will start following you and you can take it to Adam. You don’t have to play if you have the Animal Whisperer skill with a few points that you have to use on the dog.

A valve in the grass - Miscellaneous |  Highpool - quests - Highpool - quests - Wasteland 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Note – if you try to interact with a dog without a toy, he will attack on the second try and you will have to kill him, which will reduce the opinion that the citizens have about the rangers.

Regarding quests:

  • Help the dog find its owner;

  • help a man find his dog;

  • Save the burning house

You receive this quest right after entering the Highpool, when Mark Stachowiak approaches you, asking you to put out the fire. Near his house, you will find a damaged valve next to the pump (if you are having trouble finding the valve, use Perception and Highlight). put the valve in place. Then use the mechanical repair on the pump. If you don’t have it, talk to Stachowiak and use Lick Ass to put out the fire. If you don’t put out the fire in time, the house will burn down, which will benefit Bergin in the election.

Get rid of the grumbling children in the Lament of the Vulture

Shout asks you to drive away the local children. Give them a pack of cigarettes or a slingshot with bullets. You can find a slingshot on a body lying next to the first ruined building you see after you enter Highpool (that’s where you fight the pests). The bullets in the game world are like garbage. Then talk to the Indian and she will offer to join your party. Then open it to get it (by picking the lock or by getting the key from Sean Bergin at the faucet). If you open the gate before you talk to her, after you lead the kids, she will run away and you won’t be able to include her in the group.

You can then go to Harold at the shop, from whom you can get Cry equipment.

Jess-Belle’s dowry

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Tunnel Entrance – You will find it after you approach the hatch

This quest starts at Jess-Belle’s house. Her dowry is in danger of disappearing because pests want to steal it. You can drive them away with words (requires Hard Ass 4), with your fists, or just let them rob Jess. No matter what you do, it turns out that there is a note in the safe, where Jess’s father informs her that he lost her dowry playing cards. You can promise that you will receive the dowry and return it to Jess-Belle. The dowry can be found in the safe next to the tent in the tunnel, north of the city. This is a revolver. Return to Jess with the dowry and tell her that you are keeping the weapon for yourself (you will not receive any reward for returning the weapon).

You won’t be allowed to complete the quest for Jess, you’re dealing with pests, and you don’t read the note – she’ll still be convinced her dowry is in the safe.

Take Alexei’s note to his “soulmate” in Highpool

Alexei gives you a note. Give it to the dog boy in the city center and he will give you a STOE for Alexeya. Once you take the stone, you can buy medicines and trinkets from it. The game has a sporadic bug that prevents you from talking to the dog (no talk button). In any case, the quest may end with the death of one of the parties.


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