Wasteland 2 – How to get Repeater Units

image1 410 Wasteland 2 - How to get Repeater Units

A quest that you will receive at the very beginning of the game from General Vargas. Your first mission is to go to the Radio Tower on the world map and find the Repeaters that Ace had on it. In the tower you will find an enemy gang that demands a fee for permission to explore its area. There are several ways to deal with them / You can pay them money, convince them to afford it by choosing any of the dialogue options (Smart Ass, Kiss Ass, Hard Ass), or just kill them.

It is recommended to go for Kick Ass here to convince them to join the Rangers). Thanks to this, you will know the location of the temple (+1 skill point), you will receive scrap metal and a reward (experience points or garbage) from Evan Hawes in the Citadel for recruiting new members. The important thing is that you approach the tower from the west and talk to the guard with dogs (Alpha Spike). As for the rest, you can convince them to leave you alone, but they don’t join the rangers. Also, you will not learn about the location of the temple. If you decide to fight, you can collect ammo and equipment that will surely come in handy later.

They are weak opponents, especially if you have Angela Children with you. After a safe passage or after you have shot all the opponents (raiders from the bottom of the location are aggressive, no matter what you did to their counterparts in the radio tower), you can repair the panel on the radio tower and open the locked passage on the right to get some points experience.

The Repeaters themselves are located in a cave in the eastern part of the map. Inside, you will have to fight a mutated toad. It has thick armor, so use weapons with maximum penetration if possible. To make matters worse, the toad can snatch the weapon out of the hands of a party member. You can pick it up later, from the corpse of the toad, but you will only have fists during the fight. Remember that during combat (without using action points) you can open your inventory and equip yourself with other weapons – if it is not a loaded secondary weapon, you will use points when reloading. After you deal with the toad, take the Repeater Units from Ace’s body and contact General Vargas by radio (you can contact Vargas instead when you are trying to leave the tower). There is also a map around that shows the location of the Iron Nomad Camp. After you study the robot with Perception , you can use Computer Science to remove all ammo from it.

Your group will receive another order – install repeater units at radio stations in Highpool and Ag center. The problem is that both places are under attack and they don’t seek help. You need to decide who you want to help, because it’s impossible to help both places. The Agrocenter is a food supplier, a Highpool of drinking water, so both of these places are key to the survival of the locals. In terms of difficulty level and difficulty of both, Ag Center is probably longer and a lot harder to survive than Highpool. However, the choice doesn’t really matter in terms of future events, so make your choice. You can also keep both locations for yourself and not help anyone. In this case, both of them will be destroyed.

Alternative solution:

  • Fight the System – Instead of mounting repeaters and saving either Highpool or Ag Center, take on the Desert Rangers. Smash the locals and once you’re strong enough, go to war against Vargas and kill him. Then a special Delta Force unit will try to hunt down your group. If you are removed from the Rangers, you will be able to ally with another faction. After that, you won’t be able to leave Arizona (you’ll miss half the game) and your main goal will be to destroy the Desert Rangers;

  • Let both Highpool and Ag Center fall – both locations will be destroyed. You will need to repair the damaged radio tower at the Railroad Nomad Camp where you will mount the first of the repeaters.

Regarding quests:

  • Near the Radio Mast, find the Repeaters that Captain Ace had on it;

  • Install repeaters on two radio towers;

  • Help either in Highpool or Ag center.


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