Watch Dogs 2 – How to get money and followers?

The money and followers page in Watch Dogs 2 contains tips on how to earn money, how to spend it, and how to get followers.

In Watch Dogs 2, you can collect money and followers (“fans” of DedSec). Money is needed to buy equipment, weapons, vehicles, or clothes, while Followers are used to unlock new Operations, and are needed to advance to higher levels and gain Research Points (these are used to unlock new abilities). Below you will find some tips on how to get money and followers.

How to get cash?

You can pick up the money bags yourself or get them with a jumper

Finding bags of money is a great way to make a quick buck. Each bag contains up to several tens of thousands of dollars. Early in the game, focus on getting to those bags that are easily accessible and not guarded by anyone.

Winning races. You can take part in motorcycle or drone races. The reward depends on the position at the finish line or on whether you managed to meet the allotted time limit. As before, you can choose easier routes, and only then enter into more difficult ones. Each trace can be repeated indefinitely.

Citizen profiling is a known technique known from the previous section. If you’re interested in making money this way, consider unlocking the Improved Profiler, an ability that lets you automatically tag richer people.

Pawn shops allow you to sell minor items that you find - How to get money and followers in Watch Dogs 2?  - The Basics - Watch Dogs 2 Game Guide

Pawnshops let you sell small items you find

Selling items at pawnshops – Items can be found in random places, such as near enemy bodies or in the glove compartments of stolen cars. Marcus can carry any amount, so you don’t have to regularly return to the pawnshop to unload. After a few hours of playing, you should have a set of items worth between $12,000 and $15,000.

Completing quests – only some of the quests end with a cash reward. In other cases, you will have to settle for followers or unique items.

What should be on your Buy List?

Get the quadcopter as soon as possible - How to get money and followers in Watch Dogs 2?  - The Basics - Watch Dogs 2 Game Guide

Get your quadcopter ASAP

Quadcopter is the most important purchase – act as quickly as possible. The quadcopter can be ordered using a 3D printer at one of the DedSec hideouts. Its uses are listed on one of the earlier pages of this chapter. The quadcopter costs $67,500.

Other important items on the shopping list are the two main types of weapons that Markus uses during gunfights.

Recommendations for choosing a weapon can be found in the “General Tips” section in the “Combat” subsection. If you want to have two good weapons at your disposal, you need to spend between 200 and 250 thousand dollars.

Other elements are not so important. Money can be spent on a nice car or on a sailboat needed for water racing. You can visit pawn shops to replenish ammo – if you have a serious mission at hand.

New weapon skins or unique clothing are even less important. It is worth noting that you can visit clothing stores of different chains, and each of them will have different inventory.

How to get followers?

You can get followers by completing entire missions or parts of them - How to get money and followers in Watch Dogs 2?  - The Basics - Watch Dogs 2 Game Guide

You can get followers by completing whole missions or parts of them

The most obvious method of getting new followers is through operations (main, side, and online). By using the DedSec app, you can check what rewards are offered for completing a task before it even starts. The simplest tasks offer up to 10,000 subscribers. In the case of more complex operations, you can set up to 50,000. It should be noted that there are additional incentives for followers to complete each individual section of a larger mission.

Another great way to get followers is to take pictures of places with the ScoutX app. By immortalizing each unique tourist spot with your phone, you get 8,000 subscribers. Try to visit at least 20 – 30 of these locations at the beginning of the playthrough so that you can progress to higher levels and be able to use many new abilities in the early stages of the game.

Followers are easily won by racing. The number of purchased fans depends on the difficulty of the race and the position at the finish line. As a rule, even the simplest races guarantee at least 10 thousand fans for each victory.

Note. Research points can also be obtained in another way – by finding them on the world map (they work like secrets). Unfortunately, one find equals one new point. When moving to a new level, Markus receives several points (the number of points awarded increases with increasing level).


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