Watch Dogs 2 – Jumper and quadcopter: how to unlock, when to use

The jumper and quadcopter are two brand new gadgets in Watch Dogs 2. In this chapter, you will learn how to unlock them (the game allows you to do this quite early), how they are used and what are the most useful upgrades.

Jumper – Unlock

You can’t miss the moment when the jumper is unlocked, because it happens during your first visit to DeadSec Hackerspace (after completing the Walk in the Park main op, which is unlocked after completing the prologue). One of the stages of this mission involves testing the 3D printer – use it to make a jumper (it will be free).

From now on, you can use the left button on the controller’s keyboard (or the corresponding button on the keyboard) to control the jumper. Marcus will only have one jumper, but if it is destroyed, it will respawn soon.

Jumper – app and updates

Only a jumper can reach bottlenecks

The main use of the jumper is to reach places that Marcus can’t reach on his own or that would be too cumbersome to reach him. The lintel can, for example, fit into ventilation shafts or small openings in walls. He can also (as the name implies) jump onto high ledges and platforms, but this ability becomes more important after acquiring one of the jumper upgrades.

Using a jumper is often a must if you want a well-hidden secret, or if you need to get to a seemingly inaccessible shorted terminal (a jumper can also hack them). It can also be used for reconnaissance (to a limited extent), but the chances of being fielded are much higher than in the case of a quadcopter.

The jumper can be upgraded by acquiring the appropriate skills. The Enhanced Spring mastery is by far the most useful as it allows the jumper to bounce quite high, allowing them to reach previously inaccessible eaves and rooftops. You must also acquire the Taunt skill, as it allows you to distract enemies with a jumper. You can lure them to a place where you can calmly fight enemies or just clear a path to your target. When your character is experienced enough, you should also try the Remote Gadgets skill. It provides some “offensive abilities” for the jumper – it will be able to carry explosives and stun charges, allowing you to kill or stun selected enemies.

Quadcopter – Unlock

The quadcopter can also be unlocked at the start of the game, however this is not automatic as is the case with the jumper. The first opportunity to get a quadcopter comes when you visit the DeadSec Hackerspace during Operation Walk in the Park. You must enter the hideout and interact with the 3D printer. The quadcopter will cost $67,500 to produce – if you’re short of the amount, try to raise it as soon as possible, for example by collecting cash packages nearby or winning a couple of races. Do not delay this purchase – the quadcopter is very useful and some missions will become very difficult without it.

If you have a quadcopter, press the right button on the controller keypad (or the appropriate button on the keyboard) to take control of the quadcopter. Marcus will only have one quadcopter, but if it is destroyed it will respawn soon.

Quadcopter – application and updates

Quadcopter useful for easier reconnaissance

The main use of a quadrocopter is reconnaissance. Use this ability every time you approach a hostile area or an open area in which an operation will be performed – the quadcopter will allow you to plan your actions, see where the enemies are, and find objects that can be hacked. You are not limited to just watching, because you can hack things from the quadcopter in the same way as in the case of Markus. Regardless of the approach you decide to take, don’t get too close to the enemies or the drone will be shot down.

In some places, the quadcopter can also be used to find access keys that Marcus can’t get his hands on, or to solve mini-games based on a network bypass. Unfortunately, the drone cannot pick up any items, so you will have to get to them on foot or using a jumper.

The quadcopter can be upgraded by acquiring related skills. The first update will be the Proximity Scanner, which makes it easier to mark characters while scouting. An interesting, if expensive upgrade is the Remote Gadgets upgrade. It allows you to plant explosives and stun charges on the quadcopter, providing some attacking abilities for the quadcopter. If you have this skill, you can discard “surprises” without risking being detected. If you use the quadcopter a lot, you can also purchase the Speed ​​Boost skill, which will make it move faster.


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