Watching the Alpha Riddle Adventure Mona: Flying Books and One Developer

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An indie developer from Paris has been working on the Mona adventure for a year now. He is 24 years old, and with the help of Unity he made flying books that return to the shelves when we get close to them. Gameplay from a third person. Expect exploration of the local world as well as puzzle-solving. Gamers must uncover the secrets of an ancient evil that consumed the people living in the local world. The plot is told through gameplay.

The story develops on a small island that is made by hand. It is home to strange creatures that you want to study. There is no interface, so you can fully enjoy the surroundings. Sometimes gravity will change, at such a moment the game turns into a platformer. Beautiful landscapes can be photographed. There remains only a question of system requirements and optimization for budget PCs.

Mona will be released on PC. There is no release date, the game can be added to your wishlist on Steam. Russian voice acting and full controller support are expected.


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