Watching the new trailer for Pokémon UNITE, the release date on Nintendo Switch and smartphones has become known

It’s hard to believe that Tencent Mobile’s Pokémon UNITE is coming soon with everything in the pockets of mobile gamers. We used to joke about a job for a “super-Pokémon fan” who watched 500+ episodes and played 900+ hours. Now, the publisher has released a cool trailer in which a group of Pocket Monsters are fighting in the arena, and a huge crowd is watching them. This is an online action game with MOBA elements, where the main task is to pump your Pokémon and score the ball into the enemy net. Yes, this is a bit of basketball, only the ball is the energy that you get from killing enemies.

In addition to the trailer, the developers announced an approximate release date for Switch and smartphones (more on that below). We will see cross-play between platforms, so prizes and buffs for mobile gamers should be expected. This has already happened with the late release of Wild Rift in North America.

Pokémon UNITE will launch on Nintendo Switch in July and iOS and Android in September. There is no information about other platforms; it will probably be a shareware project with all that it implies.

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