Watching the new trailer for Project: Ragnarök from NetEase Games, is this a Genshin Impact clone?

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If you love MMORPGs with cool graphics, then Project: Ragnarök is for sure. This is a mobile, console and PC project from NetEase Games. The game will be cross-platform. A new trailer was shown for her at the NetEase Connect 2021 conference. It is very short, which is a little incomprehensible, because exactly a year has passed since the previous news. Let’s hope NetEase doesn’t continue this tradition.

Characters will be able to fly on wings, explore the open world and fight huge cyclops or even use them as support. The local world is big. Characters use different elements to fight mobs and bosses. Cherry on the cake – climbing steep cliffs. If anything, we have already seen all this in Genshin Impact. Only here there will still be an admixture of Scandinavian and antique gods.

Project: Ragnarök will be released on iOS, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It will be a shareware project with all that it implies. Pre-registration is now available via TapTap… No release date has been announced.

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