We catch fish and chase squirrels and zombies in the Wanderlost sandbox

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Wanderlost is a colorful sandbox that is somewhat reminiscent of The Survivalists. The game is funny, although the local humor may not be to everyone’s liking. We play as a bearded and red-haired man. He will cut down trees and build his shack. In addition, the locations are inhabited by many defenseless zombies and squirrels. This means it’s time to take up the assault rifle and reduce their population. There is also a bow, it takes longer to shoot with it. Gradually, we will build a vegetable garden with peas, cabbage and other vegetables.

Each new card is randomly generated. In total, the game has nine unique biomes with their own dangers and resources. We will do everything that is expected of this genre: farming, construction, exploration, hunting and resource gathering. The developers promise “thoughtful RPG mechanics”. For example, our character’s level rises over time. Along with this, points are opened, which we distribute according to stats.

Wanderlost will be released on PC. No release date; the game can be added to the wishlist. There will be no Russian localization. This is probably a premium project. System requirements are low, only an Intel Core i5 processor is needed.


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