We look at the teaser of the mobile zombie RPG The Fifth ARK: brave heroes, cyberpunk and isometric

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The Fifth ARK is a mobile RPG where players have to fight hordes of zombies in the post-apocalypse. The graphics are a little cartoonish, there are cut-scenes in the style of comics. The gameplay is isometric, with different supply boxes scattered across the locations. The game is divided into missions, they look cool: we repair the turrets when the armies run dead on the wall. There are text dialogs that everyone will skip. During the killing of zombies, a combo is shown on the screen and the damage done, which already at the start quietly reaches 33 thousand.

Players have their own base. There you can choose different characters. For example, there is a dwarf with a wheel instead of a shield and a hefty sawn-off shotgun. In general, each hero has their own unique abilities. Gradually, we collect a squad of bots that will faithfully run after us. There is a local lootbox system, so we wait for the grind.

The Fifth ARK is coming to iOS and Android this summer. It will be a shareware project with ads and microtransactions. up to 8 299 rubles per item

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