We tell you how to donate to mobile games from Russia

You cannot buy games and donate directly in the App Store and Google Play, and many sites and bots can “throw” you for money. Therefore, we have found a service that not only allows you to stay better than others, but also offers prices lower than the official ones.

Safe Zone Market has been in existence for over 6 years and offers over 10 payment methods. Through it, you can donate to such popular games as Apex Legends Mobile and Tower of Fantasy. So that you do not worry about the security of your account, for some projects you only need to provide a UID, and if you are too lazy to go to the official website, then payment can be made through the Telegram bot. But let’s go in order.

Who are Safe Zone Market?

First of all, this is a community of gamers who in the early 2000s made money on botting, farming resources and creating items for resale. Gradually, they moved into mobile gaming, where they saw a demand for cheap donut in Asia and other regions. Well, after the well-known events in 2022, a huge number of CIS gamers needed such a service. Due to the large client base, the Safe Zone Market service manages to keep low prices, while experienced operators will help to donate within 2-20 minutesthat is, while you cook and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

You can also earn money on the Safe Zone Market if you invite friends using a referral link. You will receive 2% from each purchase of your referrals, and influencers – all 5%. Well, if you want even more bonuses, then for some purchases you can get a promotional code at a discount.

Why is Safe Zone Market worth trusting?

The creators of the Safe Zone Market service have a separate Telegram channel with 15,000 subscribers, where they publish news about adding new games to their database and fulfillment of some orders. The activity of users under the posts proves that the participants in this channel are real people, not bots. Well, if this does not inspire confidence, then the authors of the Safe Zone Market channel in TG by Tower of Fantasy, whose database contains more than 21,000 subscribers.

The Safe Zone Market team has been working in the mobile games market since 2016. It was formed in 2-3 years and has not changed since then. Therefore, if you have any questions during the purchase, the operator will tell you what to do in a polite manner.

How to replenish the balance in the Safe Zone Market?

  • Select the “Top up balance” option. There are 4 options for replenishment: QIWI, YOOMONEY, card and USDT;

  • After choosing a specific method and amount of replenishment, you will be asked to make a payment, but if you do not agree, you can cancel it and choose another method;

  • As soon as everything works out, your balance will be displayed.

Will my account be banned when paying through the Safe Zone Market?

No and no again. After you still decide to purchase, you will be warned that it is made through the in-game store of the game from the map of another country; it’s absolutely legal. You will also be warned that for some projects you will have to provide data from your account in order to enter it and donate. As I said, sometimes you just need to drop the UID, for example, for the same Genshin Impact.

To make it easier to sleep, Safe Zone Market administrators recommend changing your account password after purchase, which is made within an hour after data transfer.

How to donate from Russia to Safe Zone Market?

  • Select the desired game or request if it is not in the list; for the second option, you will need to provide a link to the project on Google Play or the App Store, and then upload a screenshot of the required set;
  • Suppose we decide to buy a set from PUBG Mobile for 789 rubles.
  • After clicking on the “Buy” button, you will be asked to provide information, such as your character’s nickname or profile UID. In a separate case, you may need to give a login and password from an account that is linked to your profile. Don’t be afraid, I’m already made that way and nothing has been stolen from me;

  • After payment, you will receive a message about the change in your balance. I specifically checked it, and then went to watch the purchased premium pass in the game Rush Royale;

  • The premium pass appeared, I was tired of receiving rewards from it.

What about buying premium games and DLC?

Safe Zone Market representatives said that soon it will be possible to buy games and add-ons for them on Steam, as well as applications and video games on Google Play. It turns out that at the moment this service is suitable for F2P gamers who want to keep up with Western players.

As you can see, despite the fact that Apple and Google have introduced restrictions on in-game purchases, residents of Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries can easily purchase currency, passes and sets for their favorite projects through the Safe Zone Market. It was easy for us to try everything and pay for it, and why not do it for you now?

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