We tell you how to save money on donation in Genshin Impact and not get banned

If you are a frequent contributor to Genshin Impact, you may feel overpriced for Creation Crystals, Hollow Moon Blessing, and so on. It turned out that this is indeed the case: there are no regional prices for the Russian Federation, as in the same Steam. Because of this, the RU-segment not only gives a lot of money, but also overpays compared to the United States. The investigation was carried out by the user of the official forum Genshin and reported that the correct connection to the American store is not punishable by a ban.

For a start, you should install a good VPN for IP spoofing. Note that you need to connect to America. After that, in your Genshin client, rubles will change to dollars. It turns out that the Americans’ monthly subscription, in terms of rubles, is only 361 rubles. The most expensive crystals are 7,248 rudders instead of 9,490 rubles.

Genshin support said that paying for services through a VPN is not prohibited, although this method may not be secure (data is stolen). But there are still pitfalls: one user indicated that if they make purchases through the game, they can block. Exit – to replenish crystals (the only available action) through website

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