“We’re not done with Dead Cells yet”: Playdigious on plans for Dead Cells 2

The developers of Dead Cells gave interviews to foreign media, where they discussed interaction with the community, helping casuals, and the likelihood of a Dead Cells 2 release.

During an interview with a magazine twinfinite, Playdigous Studios said they didn’t expect Dead Cells to be a resounding success. And despite the fact that the game was released in 2017, everything is still ahead for it. For example, 2022 is one of the busiest years for developers – they released the paid DLC “The Queen and the Sea” and the free Break the Bank update; more about this in a previous article.

When Playdigious was asked about plans for Dead Cells 2, they did not answer directly, but noted that while Dead Cells is halfway through, so it is worth waiting for even more content over the next 2-3 years. But it’s all good, because the cycle of free and paid DLC helps fans and developers to keep this game going.

One of the big features, at least in the PC and console versions, is the point setting of the difficulty level. This means that you can make the enemy attack louder than other sounds, auto-block (taken from the mobile version) and even resurrect at the place of death. Of course, before including such assist Dead Cells warns that this will not be as fun to play through.

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