Western version of MMORPG Crowfall has become cheaper and now you can try it for free

Almost five months after the official release of MMORPG Crowfall, the developers at ArtCraft Entertainment decided to slightly change the business model. The game has dropped in price to $ 15 and now you can try it for free for 10 days.

“We know that a lot of MMO players will love the free trial,” said Gordon Walton, Executive Producer of ArtCraft. “In the last update, we also made some very important improvements to the game: we made it easier to work with new players, and we also launched a smaller format of PvP … We listened to the feedback from our players and are doing what they asked for.”

It is quite possible that a trial access service will soon appear for the domestic version. True, the price drop is most likely not worth waiting for, because the most minimal access costs 1000 rubles, after which you can play without restrictions.

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