What Are Some Of The Best Story-Driven Games?

Some of the games are developed on excellent story-driven plots. These games keep your interest level high. There are also some games that really don’t have any story but are based completely on a few actions. 

You don’t really have much to connect with except your aim. You can download them free from So let’s bring back those days of Super Mario Tetris while we learn about the best story-driven games.

The Best Story-Driven Video Games 

In this section, we are going to discuss some of the best story-driven video games that you can play to enjoy. Let’s discuss some of them right here in this article. 

1. The Last Of Us Part II

This comes first on our list. The game has a more complex storyline compared to that of the previous versions. Here, the characters are more complex. They are rather more tortured. While you engage yourself with the game, you are able to get deeper into the script. As if you are flipping the script, you are getting more accustomed to the world and its characters. 

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2. God Of War 

The game is produced by Sony entertainment. The games arrest our interests with the way it showcases how the seemingly unredeemed characters get redeemed. 

This transformation forms one of the themes of the game. 

In the game, Kratos undergoes a change with his attainment of fatherhood. We also turn out to be a participant in this change. This is the setup of the game.

3. Red Dead Redemption 2

This is a game of redemption of the anti-hero. Here the character Arthur Morgan shows his loyalty to some heinous forces and completely accepts servitude. 

Consequently, he became a tool for bad people. Afterward, it was observed that the person tries to change for the better when he realises his mistakes. He goes for redemption.

4. The Witcher 3 

This is one of the sad dad games. The major element that forms the plot includes ferocious activities like monster hunting. 

There are two monsters; the monster within and the monster without. There is another way that you could understand yourself, and that is as elongated as a journey. 

The game (though it shows cannibalism) sings the song of humanity at different junctures. You will relate to this more so because you, too, have both monsters. 

5. Disco Elysium 

Disco Elysium is perhaps the best game ever penned. This is like a book. Here, a Union man gets murdered, and you have been sent to solve the case. That’s it, really.

At one end, you completely forget who you are, yet you have to play the role of the police. This is such a great way of getting yourself in sync with world affairs. 

You know, this is the way of the world, where you constantly move, driven by your situations, without having much to do really. That’s the way things go here. 

6. Life Is Strange II

Through a game, you will feel the sensitive human emotions running here and there, frisking into your heart. Brotherhood and otherness are the two base themes upon which the entire game is designed. 

They tell a contemporary story about two Latin- American siblings forced to run after they get encouraged by a cop. There you definitely have a largely humane approach in the weaving of the plot tinged with rugged reality…which makes a brilliant story. 

7. What Remains Of Edith Finch

This game takes not more than two hours to complete. But within span or space, you will be dragged slowly in by the dark aesthetics. Moreover, the story is all about the curse that forces a family to meet with an unfortunate end. The most interesting point of teh story is unquestionably the plot.

There are also some other issues other than what is mentioned. The game also throws us forcefully into the pit of reality, where we realize afresh that we are not above death. Death really is the greatest leveler.


In order to conclude, t can be said that both the games discussed above have great stories. They have their philosophical areas. 

They are mainly designed for the ones who are story lovers but not for the ones that can well distinguish between life and game. If you love stories, you will definitely be amazed for sure.

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