What is boosting?

image What is boosting?

If you are a new player or a casual player who has never tried to cheat the ranked ladder until now, you may be surprised to find how easy it is to climb ranks nowadays. With the increased popularity of boosting, anyone can reach the highest ranks of the competitive ladder and share the rift with their favorite professional players without breaking a sweat. That being said, boosting is a complex process with a lot of nuances worth dissecting if you are someone who is on the verge of purchasing his first elo boost. 

What is boosting?

Boosting is an act in which you hire a more skilled player to play on your account 

(or with you, so called duo boosting) and increase the rank of your account on the ladder. In League of Legends, boosting is old as the game itself, initially being present in the form of a better friend boosting a less-skilled friend. 

In recent years, people realized they could start making a lot of money by boosting people who are lower elo, which is why boosting became a very lucrative business. Currently, there are hundreds of professional companies that employ boosters whose main income comes from boosting accounts. 

Luckily, this enabled low elo players to cheat the elo ladder and reach any rank they desire by using various forms of boosting services that are present on the market.

Types of boosting

Traditional boosting (solo boosting)

The most common method of boosting is regular solo queue boosting in which you simply give your account information to another player and let them use your account. The booster then wins enough solo queue games to promote you to the desired rank

This method of boosting is the one you will encounter the most as it is the one that requires the least effort. However, its downside lies in the fact that you don’t participate in the boost at all and you need to have full trust in your booster to be able to carry games and not get your account banned for being toxic. The other downside is the fact that there is a small chance (1 in 1000 accounts) your account will be banned for account sharing, which is something that can be prevented if you are buying your boost from a professional company rather than a single person.

image 2 What is boosting?

Duo boosting

Duo boosting became increasingly popular in recent years with most quality boosting websites regularly including the option in their offer. Much like the name suggests, duo boosting is a form of boosting in which the booster plays duo queue with you until your account reaches the rank you have paid for. It is undoubtedly the best form of boosting because it involves 0% risk of being banned because you don’t need to share your account with anyone. Additionally, you will actively participate in the boosting process and improve as a player because you will be playing with a Challenger player. 

Net wins boosting 

While it is not as common as the other two forms of boosting, net win boosting can be extremely useful if you are looking for a small push to help you reach the rank you are working hard for. Net wins boosting is a form of boosting in which you hire a booster to win a specific number of games on your account. This type of boost is most commonly used to pass promotional series from one division to another.

Placement games boosting

The 10 games each player plays at the beginning of the season are undoubtedly the most important ones, as they determine the initial rank of your account. To put things into perspective, one win in those games will increase your rank by an entire tier, meaning it’s worth about 5 or 6 games once the placement period ends. That’s why boosting companies introduced placement games boosting, a method of boosting in which a booster plays all of your 10 placement games which results in a very high MMR and starting rank for your account.

Advantages of elo boosting

Superior ranked rewards

One of the main reasons most people want to escape elo hell and reach the higher ranks is because of the lucrative cosmetic rewards Riot gives out every season. If you are someone who has never received a Victorious skin or a Diamond icon you’ve always wanted, boosting is something that will help you acquire any ranked reward as you will be able to reach any rank on the ladder you desire.

image 1 What is boosting?

Boosting saves you time

A lot of players that don’t reach the rank they desire on the ladder lack the required time that’s necessary to invest in the game because of real-life responsibilities. Luckily, boosting solves that issue because you won’t need to invest a single minute into ranking up your account, allowing you to focus on other life priorities while being a high elo player.

Playing with high elo players will help you improve

You’re only good as those you surround yourself with, which is something that’s true when it comes to League of Legends just as much as life. Since you will be surrounded by high elo players that are extremely skilled at the game, you will be able to learn from them, pick up on their good habits and become a better player as a result. Additionally, high-elo games are more difficult and the nature of their competitiveness will force you to play at a high level if you want to win.

Respect and bragging rights

Nowadays, respect in League of Legends is only earned through the ranked badge your account possesses, which is why people are tryharding ranked more than ever. Being a high elo player will undoubtedly earn you respect from other players before the game even starts, and you’ll be able to brag to your friends about your account being ranked higher than theirs.

image What is boosting?

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