What is reroll in gacha games and how to speed it up?

If you decide to dive into the world of mobile gacha games, you will soon come across the term “reroll”. Let’s see what he is.

Almost all smartphone games use the gacha system to generate constant profits and keep players interested in their offspring. Look – you have a chance to spend the currency and get a very rare character that no one else has; but chances are you won’t. In this case, there are two options – donate more or create a new account. If you need the first method, then you can replenish the balance through the service Safe Zone Market (works even in the Russian Federation).

Reroll» – create a new account or reset data in order to try your luck again in the gacha system of games like Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy. The time spent depends on the specific title, for example, in Genshin it takes about 40 minutes for each attempt, although in Idoly Pride the progress is simply reset through the settings. In general, the presence of such a function is considered good form for F2P-fans of gach.

Having an emulator speeds up the process reroll due to “multi-cons”. That is, you have 4 windows with different accounts enabled on your PC at the same time, which can be considered “botting”. Of course, you can enable more windows, everything depends on the amount of RAM and video memory.

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