What shooters to play on iOS and Android in 2021? We have selected 10 options!

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Mobile gamers often have a question: “What shooter to play?” There are options – Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and so on. After some time, interest disappears, and the players ask the same question. Let’s see together what other shooters are on smartphones and whether it is worth spending your time on them. If you like tank games then check out this collection. We are talking there not only about the boring World of Tanks Blitz, but also the newfangled Tank Company. And we went!

Standoff 2

If we talk about the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive clones that Valve did not remove, then the Standoff series immediately comes to mind. The game offers team and other battles for those who do not want to part with any AWP, even for a second. A familiar stylistic interface awaits you. From the modes: rating, mine clearance, team deathmatch, arms race, sniper duel. In addition, there are temporary events.

On a normal device, the project gives out a nimble 60 FPS. Campers and knife lovers should be expected. Players note that skill (headshots) is needed to win, while pumping is slow. A normal team of enemies can sit down at your spawn location and do light keels. The character dies quickly, in this regard, the project is closer to Call of Duty Mobile.

World War Heroes: WW2

Fast forward to the Second World War. Here you can not only use pistols and guns, but also sit in a real tank. Usually the action takes place in some dilapidated city. The player models seem a little sluggish, as if they are moving around in jelly. Characters absorb a lot of damage, especially when shooting at the torso. There is a bit of cheating: in the middle of a match, you can buy grenades for gold. They quickly take out a pack of enemies. There is help in aiming, auto-shots and auto-melee attack.

Critical Ops

Back in our time: Critical Ops also offers multiplayer battles. There are very loud and savory shots here. The graphics are on a mobile level, although the colors seem a little washed out. No music, no special sights. Therefore, we simply destroy opponents with bots and enjoy life. The game has a cool ragdoll, so if you make a lot of kills, then an attraction from bodies is provided.

Shadowgun legends

Now let’s move on to the future, for which the Shadowgun series is famous. This part has a real storyline campaign with missions, rewards, and so on. If you get bored, you can go with your friends to co-op tasks or raids. Well, if you are here for multiplayer, then here it is. There are hints of RPG in the game: about 600 weapons, over 1000 pieces of armor and many cosmetic items. In general, you can customize your character to suit your style of play. We’ll be interacting with other players, visiting merchants, and hanging out at the local Hub. As the hero’s reputation grows, so does his influence on the local world. Missions are cool but linear. Level graphics.

Modern combat versus

We stay in the future. If you like to run along the walls like the Prince of Persia, discover cyberpunk agents in the form of pink cats or red samurai, then you are in the right place. Everything looks “expensive and rich”, as if Tony Stark worked on the project. For the most part, we will have to defend or capture points. In this regard, it is better to collect a bunch of friends to make it more fun. Opponents can be covered with energy shields from bullets, and in general, their avatars absorb a lot of damage. The project resembles mobile Destiny, only with a bias in PvP.

Modern strike

This shooter is more of a black sheep than a gallant representative of the genre. There will be no juicy shots or locations similar to Dust 2. The characters again run like they are made of jelly, and the camera twitches a little with each movement. Half of the interface is filled with buttons, icons, maps, and so on. In the main menu, we are expected to level up the character. This includes all equipment and weapons. The theme is this: the less often you get something, the better it will protect or deal damage. The project is made in Unity, and that says a lot.

Battle forces

Moving into the world of cyberpunk. There are advertisements right on the truck, neon lights everywhere and some kind of signs in Japanese. Imbalanced project: The shotgun can kill on the first shot when the enemy is far away. Compared to Standoff 2 and other popular shooters, it seems rather dull. If only you are attracted by the local setting and you really miss Deus Ex or Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyber ​​hunter

A battle royale with the usual cliches of the genre has been combed into our ranks. We jump out of a futuristic plane and head towards the ground on hoverboards. The graphics are good, it can even compete with PUBG Mobile. Calm music plays while exploring the world. Our goal is to collect as many resources as possible as the zone shrinks. Except for vague futurism, you will not find anything here, only a bulletproof vest, a helmet and a sniper rifle for “family” camping.

Battle prime

Battle Prime is a fast-paced third-person shooter. If you get used to it, you can do a lot of kills. There are several classes to choose from; have favorite snipers. If you don’t like “tackles” in games, then it’s better to pass by, because this is where they leave. In this regard, the project resembles a mobile Warface. The locations are interesting, there are many colors, objects are different too. There are both city maps and oriental ones. Enemies absorb a lot, but a headshot from a sniper rifle decides everything. An interesting game if you have enough time to learn the local mechanics.

World war polygon

Well, the final chord – World War II, only on the side of the brave American soldiers. There is a bit of fantasy here, such as huge tanks with two muzzles, mechs and guys with a flamethrower on each hand. At the same time, all the action is in the first person, graphics with low polygons, and our character can even look out of cover. An interesting workout where we even have to do push-ups. There is a storyline campaign here that begins on the day the Allies land on the shores of Normandy. Everything looks cool, a bit like Brothers in Arms.

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