What to do with the clock in Resident Evil 3 Remake

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We tell you where to find all the gems for the clock from the subway station in the Resident Evil 3 remake, as well as about all the rewards for solving the puzzle

One of the first puzzles in Resident Evil 3 Remake is actually a mini-game that involves finding three additional items. In fact, you may not even notice the desired object. Right in front of the exit from the metro to the city there is a monument in the form of a large clock. Examine it carefully to see three slots for three gems. These stones are each hidden in their own box, which in turn are scattered throughout different parts of Raccoon City. There are not many items, but finding them can be difficult, especially if you do not like to bother and search the previously visited locations several times.

To get all 3 stones, you need to visit several additional places. To get to them, you will have to be patient and wait for Jill, according to the plot of the game, to discover a master key and a bolt cutter. This means that you will also have to run away from Nemesis. Below we tell all about these stones and the reward hidden in the watch.

Since each stone is hidden in a casket, you will need to take these caskets, examine them and open them in your inventory. Then the box will disappear, and instead of it, a colored stone will remain in the inventory. Since you will receive a reward for each stone placed, return to the subway whenever you find a new one. In addition, for installing all the stones you will receive the achievement magic clock.

Donut Diner (Red Stone)

The first stone is the easiest to find because it doesn’t require any special tools. Go to the donut shop near the main street of the city and look into the back room – the kitchen, converted into a safe room with a typewriter. The door there is located next to the locker, on which hangs a yellow padlock. Along with the typewriter, you will find a box. Open it and get a red stone. If you do not want to immediately return to the metro station, you can put the stone in a chest nearby. Remember that you get access to all set aside items from any chest you find. Usually chests can be found next to the typewriter. By inserting one stone into the clock at the metro station, you will receive a hand grenade.

Grocery Store (Blue Stone)

To get the second gem, you will need a bolt cutter, which is hidden in the garage behind the burning alley. So the first thing to do is put out the fire. Use the bolt cutter on the chain hanging on the door and enter the grocery store. It is located opposite the toy store, not far from the burning (or once burning) alley. There is a box on the counter with a blue stone hidden inside. By inserting a blue stone into the clock (provided that the red one has already been placed there), you will receive an improvement for the shotgun – a tactical stock.

Toy Store (Green Stone)

For the last stone, you need a master key, which you will find before entering the power substation. Ideally, you should return to the toy store as soon as you find the lockpick. If you decide to activate the substation first, then after that you will have to run from the Nemesis that has appeared. After receiving the master key, open the yellow lock on the door of the toy store. Inside is a box with a green stone. Return to the clock at the metro station and place the third stone. Provided that the previous two are already there, you will receive the last reward – a hip bag that increases the capacity of the inventory.

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