What to play at the October festival “Games to Be” on Steam

The page of the online shooter Quantum Knights has opened What to play at the October festival “Games to Be” on Steam

Festival “Games to be” (Steam Next Fest), which runs from October 9 to 16, can delight you with a huge number of demo versions of games of various genres. We’ve found 10 potentially interesting projects from a huge list of projects and we hope you’ll find something to play.

Quantum Knights

Quantum Knights (formerly known as Project NM) is a third-person RPG shooter set in a science fiction and fantasy setting. Players will travel around the open world completing story and side quests, as well as collect resources, create and improve equipment. The demo version will offer players story missions, several types of dungeons, boss battles, as well as an 8v8 PvP mode.

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Ship of Heroes

Indie MMORPG Ship of Heroes inspired by closed MMORG City of Heroes and tells about the heroes who live on board a giant spaceship of the latest generation. Players will have to complete quests, fight various opponents, and engage in crafting and trading. The game’s demo will allow you to create a character and experience the Sword Blossom story arc, which focuses on the engineering department aboard the FHS Justice and their fight against the Promethean Uprising.

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Return Alive

Return Alive is an isometric PvPvE action game from the KOG studio, known for such games as KurtzPel, Grand Chase and Elsword Online. Players will have to travel to the Forsaken Lands, which are affected by toxic gas, in order to obtain valuable materials necessary for the survival of the remnants of humanity. The danger comes from various monsters and other players, since when a player dies, he loses all his things. The game has the opportunity to customize skills, create weapons, or upgrade mercenaries using purchased goods and items.

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Storm Striker

Storm Striker is a PvP third-person shooter with vibrant graphics and an emphasis on team play. By choosing one of the characters, players will have to fight in dynamic 5v5 matches.

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BAPBAP is an isometric team-based battle royale with a diverse and fun cast of characters. The developers promise high game dynamics and a lot of gaming opportunities.

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Enshrouded is a co-op survival simulator set in a fantasy open world. The demo will offer a wide range of gaming options: building, combat, friendship with NPCs, exploration, terraforming, leveling up and much more. You can play either alone or in co-op with up to 16 people.

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Sky: Children of the Light

The peaceful MMO Sky: Children of the Light is designed to help players connect with each other in meaningful ways. The game offers a wide range of gaming activities, character customization and social interaction. Players will have to explore seven fairy-tale worlds and unravel their secrets.

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Robocraft 2

Online PvP action Robocraft 2 will allow you to plunge into a corporate war on Mars for the possession of a valuable resource. The game boasts a well-developed system for customizing combat vehicles, high-precision physics of the game world and a variety of weapons.

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Paranormal Investigators

Paranormal Investigators is a 4-player co-op horror game that invites you to explore abandoned houses with paranormal activity. A team of players needs to make a report for a television show and survive until dawn. Missions last 15-20 minutes, and each house is partially randomly generated.

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FOUNDRY is about building a factory in an endlessly generated voxel world. Players will have to mine resources, create equipment, automate conveyor lines and solve logistics and energy problems. The game supports co-op for up to 4 people.

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If you found an interesting project at the October festival, be sure to share your find in the comments. Perhaps this game will interest not only you.

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