What to play in June 2022 on iOS and Android: Diablo Immortal, War Thunder Legends and more

Hello AppTime readers and all mobile gamers! With you AppTime Media, it’s almost hot in the yard and June, so we have prepared a selection of the most anticipated projects on iOS and Android. So get your fans and rusty swords out because we’re going to Hell!

Diablo Immortal

Yes, the first and one of the expected games of June is Diablo Immortal. After 4 years of waiting, we realized that this is not an April Fool’s joke, but another MMO for smartphones. Much emphasis is placed on social aspects, although the developers listened to the feedback and allowed lone wolves perform some tasks without calling other players. The main task is to collect rare sets, insert gems into them, participate in raids or confront the Immortals with Shadows; for the last item you need to join one of the guilds.

The good news is that to get the most out of Diablo Immortal, you don’t have to be torn between PvP or PvE. Well, microtransactions will not affect the speed of pumping or the length of your … well, you understand – the sword! And so that casuals do not lag behind pierced, Blizzard will cap the level cap each week. And yes, the Diablo Immortal servers will open on June 2nd at 20:00 Moscow time.

Dynasty Legends 2

Now let’s talk about the Asian slasher Dynasty Legends 2, where the swing of your sword means that a whole enemy squad will now fall. The developers have made the player an all-powerful general with the summoning of dragons and cool special effects while using the ult, and not to say that this project has realistic graphics. Video inserts with full-scale sieges, villains hovering in the air and changing weather conditions that affect gameplay are also impressive. You don’t want to fight the local Thor in the rain, do you? And you have to!

Of course, it will not do without boring auto-questing, but real-time PvP battles for 120 people will obviously not let you fall asleep. And in order to constantly have support, players can cooperate and join the common brotherhood. While we are promised that only skill decides; well, it will turn out to find out on June 8th, because that is when the release of Dynasty Legends 2 in Asia is expected.

ARIDA: Backland’s Awakening

Not every summer is pleasant, especially if you live in the Brazilian outback, and there is a drought around you. This is exactly what the game ARIDA: Backland’s Awakening is about, which will be released on June 15th for Android. Gamers will take on the role of a girl named Tsitsera, she will learn to survive and help the locals not to die of hunger and thirst. It’s a pity that the locations are corridors and often you just need to collect materials or pray to the local Gods.

I note that Backland’s Awakening is the first of three games dedicated to the journey of Cicera, so we are waiting for the continuation port. If you like survival games where staying in the Sun for a long time results in death, then you should definitely play it. And in general, the project can suddenly put pressure on you with views of graves and dead animals. Gamers also note a pleasant soundtrack, but in terms of graphics, everything is not so rosy.

Abandon Ship

On June 14th, Abandon Ship will be transferred to smartphones. This is a sailing ship captain simulator. Just get ready that you will not only have to attack seaports, but also fight off Cthulhu and the Kraken. By the way, the developers were inspired by the paintings of marine painters, because of this the picture is amazing. Gradually, the player opens up new parts of the map, which are initially covered in fog. Just remember that in order to move between different maps, you must participate in random events, that is, in battles. They go about the same as in FTL: Faster Than Light – we move a team of sailors in positions and try to destroy the target before our ship is sunk.

In the story, the player runs away from the pursuers of a certain cult and fights them. Along the way, you will meet friends who will have to become your enemies, and indeed history keeps many interesting moments and mysteries. In general, the PC version has about 3 story campaigns, so we expect the same number on smartphones.

Disney Mirrorverse

Disney Mirrorverse is an action-RPG for smartphones that combines characters from different Disney universes. Players will assemble a team of princesses and monsters to fight the dark forces. Now the project is undergoing a regional beta test on iOS and Android, and on June 23rd there will be a global release. Interestingly, progress and purchases will be carried over from the beta, so you can get an advantage over newcomers right now.

It’s just a pity that the Disney Mirrorverse is an Asian gacha veiled into worlds familiar from childhood. For example, you can get Defenders for prayers and crystals, which can be obtained by completing tasks or buying in the store. The developers also added an energy system. As for the modes, there is an opportunity to join an alliance and participate in joint raids.

Reverse 1999

If you don’t like anime, then definitely look forward to Reverse 1999. This is an RPG with one of the best art on smartphones. Its actions take place in the 20th century, where the main characters are the female prototypes of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. We will assemble a team of waifu who participate in turn-based battles; and each of them has its own element and unique abilities. In addition to skirmishes, players learn about the story through text dialogues; We hope that there will be a global release and English voice acting will be added to it.

It is now known that the Reverse 1999 beta test will begin on June 6th at 05:00 Moscow time. It will end on June 24th, so there is plenty of time. The only pity is that testing will take place in China, so there is little hope for at least English subtitles. One way or another, you have to collect cards and watch the plot, the creators of which did not always take it seriously, so cute girls in sunglasses and false mustaches are a common thing.

ZOZ: Final Hour

ZOZ: Final Hour is already playable and will likely continue into beta testing in June. The project is similar to the alternative to The Division, but instead of a huge city, we are offered large locations with the opportunity to meet both the dead and another survivor. But as soon as you kill him, he will turn into one of the super monsters and begin to hunt for you. That is, the more you meet opponents on the way, the less likely you are to survive. The main thing is to get materials like the Blood Crystal and evacuate by helicopter.

Publisher NetEase Games promises random maps consisting of 7 districts. Also, before the sortie, you will have to take care of the equipment, but you cannot know in advance whether you will survive or not. In this regard, ZOZ: Final Hour is already gravitating towards looter shooters. A mixture of genres combined with excellent graphics and the ability to respawn several times as a dead man are the strengths of this game, so download it, you won’t regret it.

War Thunder Legends

And in the end, I left the new game War Thunder Legends from the publisher Gaijin. Android gamers can join the regional launch in Turkey, only it’s not the usual War Thunder that PC players are used to. We take control of the warships of the Second World War, the list even includes dreadnoughts and submarines. Well, if you get completely tired of swimming, then you can briefly transfer to a helicopter or plane, although at this moment your ship still takes damage. I would like to note the excellent graphics and special effects during the shooting – your and the enemy ship is covered in smoke, and hits and explosions make it seem like you launched Battlefield, and not a mobile arcade game about naval battles.

And that’s all for me, dear friends. Thank you for watching to the end – we are trying only for you. Give it a thumbs up and let us know in the comments which game you’re most looking forward to in June and why. Well, visit our website, because only AppTime publishes fresh and high-quality news from the mobile games industry.

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