What to play on iOS and Android in February? Traha Infinity, Warhammer and more

What to play on iOS and Android in February Traha Resident Evil 7 - How to complete Mia's videotape episode?

What to play on iOS and Android in February Traha Resident Evil 7 - How to complete Mia's videotape episode?

Hello mobile gamers! With you AppTime Media, the best place for communication and news of the gaming industry. In this issue, I will tell you what you can play in February on smartphones. The list will include favorite MMORPGs, strategies, arcades and an unusual “turkey”. Downloads and links can be found on our website, so check it out. And we went!

Warhammer AoS: Soul Arena

I’ll start with the auto-butler Warhammer: Soul Arena, which launched in Asia. In it, players choose a captain and units from the same faction so that there is synergy. Next, we fight against three opponents in turn; it is done like this – we put warriors on a small field, while the enemy is not visible until the start of the round. To make life easier for those who do not like to invest their hard-earned money, the developers made it so that the winnings depended on the correct placement of units, rather than their strength or rarity. A little advice – fighters can and should be combined in order to get an improved version. Well, when you get comfortable in PvP against bots, welcome to rating battles.

Of the advantages of Soul Arena, I note the lack of advertising, quick fights, daily tasks and the developers’ focus on eSports. Who knows, maybe you can win for an apartment in the center of Moscow?

Traha Infinity

MMORPG Traha Infinity surprises not only with the name, but also with features such as territory control. This brings income to the owner, and it will be possible to take away the location only by defeating his clone in the “1 on 1” format. According to TapTap, the release will take place in South Korea on February 9th. Judging by the screenshots, players are expected to besieged castles and entire kingdoms, surrounded by high walls. It will also be possible to go to dark raids, and the authors promise a clean interface, and if you stock up on special Soul Mate glasses, you will be able to go through small dungeons with friends’ characters when they are offline. As for the graphics, the project is made on the Unreal Engine 4, so you should not expect anything more than Black Desert Mobile.

Star Healer

Now let’s talk about the game Star Healer, in which everything is simple – you are given an anime girl with a flamethrower and a cat. They need to protect the whole galaxy from monsters. The project is divided into biome planets, as well as missions. Gradually, we are getting materials to upgrade the character, as well as bot helpers in the group. You can even give the first one a huge popsicle on a stick to beat off everyone who decides to approach you.

Star Healer attracts with its visual style and music, and there are no intrusive online features in the game. Instead, we log in every day for rewards and develop our base. If you want to test yourself, the developers have prepared additional planets and a high level of difficulty. Well, the icing on the cake is pumping and collecting materials offline, that is, we have another idle project before us. Well, in difficult everyday life or in public transport, that’s it.

Attack on Titan: Brave Order

The Attack on Titan manga is about to get a mobile game where you control a squad of rare fighters fighting huge creatures. Turn-based battles and anime inserts await us. The developers position the project as a multiplayer RPG with familiar characters and original voice actors. The release is planned in Japan at the beginning of February, so stay tuned for the file on our website. For pre-registration, players will receive 20 stones to knock out rare heroes.

As for the gameplay, the main task is to collect a squad of three people, they differ in the level of rarity and elements. You can set up fighters not only against the titans, but also against real players; just keep an eye on your opponent’s overall strength level. The coolest thing about Attack on Titan is the huge boss fights, maybe the raids. Well, you can relax between battles in the headquarters, where our heroes wash the floors or just stand idle.

War for the Seas

Now let’s talk about naval battles, or rather, about War for the Seas. The game takes place during the time of Columbus, who managed to become famous thanks to the discovery of America. We, on the other hand, must break through from rags to riches, increasing the level of the ship, sailing to ports and, of course, fighting bots. The developers also promise maids, so take note of the game. As for graphics and gameplay, they are not the best, more emphasis is placed on the atmosphere, the ability to surf locations and ram the enemy.

By the way, do not let War for the Seas intimidate you with its appearance, because in addition to isometric swimming, the game has third-person missions where you can clearly see the captain and crew. The main goal is to sail to an uncharted port and sell goods. Also, War for the Seas allows you to upgrade your character, including abilities and equipment. What does it mean, there are boarding battles in the game? Download and find out, iOS gamers don’t have long to wait.

Yu Gi Oh! Master Duel

Well, if you have Hearthstone in your liver, you can try Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. This game differs from typical TCGs in that each turn is divided into three stages – card collection, summoning monsters or spells on the field, and attack. Do you think that’s it? No, units only have a power level that affects damage dealt and damage absorbed. And if your card deals 1,800 damage when the enemy card has only 1,500 strength, then the extra 300 damage will go to the opponent’s face. Of course, to spice things up, you can spawn traps that are manually used to protect your cards.

Of the modes in Master Duel, rating matches, regular and event ones are available. Players are free to experiment with decks, only for this they need to craft rare cards. An alternative to this is to participate in solo missions, in which you fight against specific decks, cards from which can be obtained.

The Office: Somehow We Manage

A new game based on the series “The Office” has appeared on mobile phones. If you are his fan, be sure to play – the developers have added a lot of references, and also drew their favorite characters, giving them only one role – to sell, monitor and manage. The Office is an arcade tycoon simulator where you have to spend money to invest in employees, give them leads and earn even more money from it. Over time, some processes will be automated so as not to poke a finger every time someone finishes calling customers. Like the series, the game is built on irony, so the characters can be upgraded for coffee, and the face is painted on the premium currency Michael Scott. The developers promise special events with new outfits and stories.

Inua – A Story in Ice and Time

Let’s talk about the adventure Inua, which is expected to release on February 10th. The plot of the game is built on the life and legends of the Inuit, Canadian Indians; Well, those who still have stylish glasses. So, we will be able to switch between three characters who are separated by a whole century, but united by a mystical polar bear who lived 10,000 years ago. The goal is to find out about the ship “Horror”, which disappeared in the waters of the Arctic. The Inua project attracts primarily with its visual style, as well as the interaction of characters through time and space. The characters will also help the Inuit and read the notes of missing sailors. It’s a pity that the developers do not promise Russian localization.

GUNSUP! Mobile

GUNSUP! Mobile offers WWII-style combat where the player must develop a base, summon units, and advance to another part of the map. I am glad that action is constantly taking place on the screen – towers explode, enemies open heavy fire, and our soldiers with a rocket launcher on their shoulders smoke out the most malicious campers.

The project is divided into missions, in addition to them there is an asynchronous multiplayer and many other modes. Among them are raids with rank and rewards, community challenges, tower defense against enemy waves, zombie hunting, and even jailbreak. For active participation, developers share loot boxes, which can take up to 3 hours to open. Materials and rare blueprints fall out of the boxes if you are very lucky.

Another Tomorrow

At the end, I left an unusual puzzle – Another Tomorrow. It lacks instructions and training, instead the protagonist wakes up in a room reminiscent of the movie Saw. We will need to get out, solving primitive and rather complex riddles on our way. It is interesting that already at the start we are not limited to one location, which is why we often have to move around to find answers. But there is a solution – take picturesFortunately, the developers have added such an opportunity. Little is said about the plot – at the starting location there is a pool of blood from a concussion of the head, and as we progress we will find newspaper clippings about a car accident, the victim of which was a pregnant woman. Are you ready to reveal the secret of the century? It will be possible to start from February 12th.

And that’s all for me, dear friends. Thank you for watching to the end – we are trying only for you. Write in the comments what you will play in February and what projects you expect to be released on smartphones in general. See you soon!

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