What was shown at the presentation of MMORPG Blue Protocol

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After a long break, the developers of the MMORPG Blue Protocol held an online presentation, during which they shared interesting information. The team showed the new class live and talked about the improvements they made, including based on user feedback. The fan portal has collected all the voiced details in one article, and we have prepared a translation into Russian for you, adding and changing where it was required.

New class Heavy Smasher

During the stream, a new class called Heavy Smasher was introduced! We were shown a video demonstrating several different skills such as blocking and pulling enemies. Heavy Smasher is a heavy class that uses a giant hammer to deal a lot of damage, but is quite slow in itself.

Here’s a video demonstrating all of the current skills:

Heavy Smasher does attack slowly, but it has the same movement speed as other classes. But he has skills that increase vitality, and he also has the highest health.

Co-op missions with NPCs

In the first mission, Feste will now fight alongside you. In the future, we should expect more tasks that are completed in conjunction with the NPC.

Feste is shown to throw bulbs at enemies, stunning them. She can also aggro opponents on herself and strengthen the hero. Below is a video demonstrating this NPC:

Combat improvements

During the first 20 minutes of the live stream, we were introduced to several new combat mechanics such as

  • Attack attack
  • Dodging an attack
  • Highground bonus
  • Perfect evasion
  • Charged attack

Perfect dodging is dodging at the right moment, which also strengthens your attack. For example, when playing as Aegis Fighter, the damage increases, the Spell Caster’s attack range increases, and so on. When Perfect Dodge is triggered, a blue circle effect is displayed.

The high ground bonus is for ranged attacks. If you are taller than your opponent, then the damage you deal increases, depending on the height. As such, you should always aim to find the best spot when attacking with ranged weapons.

More freedom in skill leveling

In addition to new improvements to the combat system, we’ve been introduced to a series of demo videos showing new skills and dodge mechanics!

Assembling the Aegis Fighter into a tank:

When enemies are attacked by a skill, the player raises their Self-Hatred (aggro monsters) and provokes them. This allows you to restrict the movement of opponents and protect the group.

Build Aegis Fighter into Damage:

Each monster has its own weaknesses. You can also target explosive damage with various elements.

Twin Striker Defense Build:

The Twin Striker build includes skills that increase armor, so you can absorb damage (without dodging) and just attack.

Fiery Twin Striker Build:

Just like during CBT, the Twin Striker fire build significantly increases the damage dealt.

Build Blast Archer for debuffs:

Instead of healing, this build allows Blast Archer to weaken monsters and help the team!

Blast Archer Support Build:

This time, Blast Archer helps allies more, stunning enemies, speeding up the use of skills, putting enemies to sleep, removing status debuffs and restoring health.

Fire Build Spell Caster:

As you can see, all Spell Caster skills here are fiery. If the enemy has a weakness for this element, then he receives increased damage.

Ice Build Spell Caster:

Here the Spell Caster uses Ice Elemental Skills, which again is very useful if you know the monster’s weakness. Ice slows down enemy movement.

Spell Caster used to have 3 elements to start with, but now you can only select the element you want to specialize in if you want.

New training regimen

About 30 minutes after the start of the stream, we were introduced to the new training regimen. Training dummies allow you to define damage, skill ranges, and experience combos. Training dummies are located near the entrance to the Asterleeds, but they can be found in several other locations as well.

Joint gestures

Collaborative Gestures have been added to Blue Protocol. Now you can interact with other people using gestures!

First of all, this is “Rock, Scissors, Paper”:

The player sends someone an invitation and goes into a waiting period, during which the other can accept or reject the offer. If he accepts, then both of you will start playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. You can also zoom in on gestures to see them better. In addition, there are special gestures that can be played after victory or defeat.

Hold hands gesture:

The player sends someone an invitation, and then goes into a waiting period, during which the second can accept or reject the offer. If he accepts, you’ll both start holding hands! This is great for taking screenshots (and can look romantic). When walking or changing direction, the animation of the hand will change accordingly.

Improving quality of life (QoL)

  • Animation changes: Improved the walking animation of the Aegis Fighter with a shield.
  • Combat system update: attack and evasion attacks are much better than during the past PTA. They are now much smoother and well connected when used consistently. You can now trigger a combo, jump, cancel, attack and then link another combo.
  • Presets: New feature that allows you to create multiple presets and switch between them. You cannot use this feature in a dungeon, during combat or similar activities. They retain skills, looks, and equipment.
  • Hide effects: You can now turn off the effects of other players’ skills. The options available are just you, only group members, and all players.
  • Camera lock fixes: Sometimes the camera could malfunction, so changes are still being made, but it has definitely improved since the past CBT.
  • Raid entrance portal: The location of the raid entrance portal has changed and became closer.
  • View skills of other classes: From now on, you can view the skills of other classes without having to switch to them.
  • Character Creation: You can change the angle of inclination of all parts of the character. It is also possible to set daylighting in the editor. Added multiple voices (increased from 3 to 6). After creating your character, you can also go to the cosmetics store to further customize it.
  • Clothes and accessories: The game will feature a new Outfit Preview feature that will allow you to try on new clothes before purchasing them. More underwear will also be added to the game.
  • Mount update: You can now ride the mount if you run out of energy (it’s still faster than walking). Also added ways to replenish the energy of the mount, and when stopped, it is not spent.
  • Inventory: You now have an infinite number of material slots in your inventory, so you’ll have to constantly run back to town to stack them.
  • Attack patterns: Each enemy in Blue Protocol now has its own unique attack pattern.
  • Loading screens: Loading screens have been improved.
  • Chat: Now you can chat in the created groups.
  • Dungeon Changes: Added a mini-map to the dungeon so you can clearly see the route. There are more strategies in dungeons, and skipping monsters has its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Hide other players: Added an option to completely hide other players, but only in the city.
  • Hide weapon: You can now hide your weapons in the city.
  • Minimap: You can now resize the minimap during battle to better see other monsters.
  • Dodging with the movement keys: There are now more dodge options.
  • Channels: You can enter the same channel as you navigate through the zones in a group.
  • Interface changes: Changed the number of displayed quests on the main screen.
  • Hotkeys: You can bind hotkeys to menu tabs for easier access.
  • A wish list: A wishlist has appeared, in which you can register the desired item or weapon. This will show you what materials you need to get it.
  • Interactions: Even with a large number of people around, when using an interactive object, priority will be given to the interacting object, and not the people around. If there are many players around, a list appears where you can choose who you want to interact with.

Opening Blue Protocol

It has been officially confirmed that Blue Protocol will have its own opening theme.

That’s all! The full recording of the broadcast in Japanese is below.

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