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Whatsapp Is Finally Becoming A Store. A “Basket” Appeared In The Messenger

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The WhatsApp team, now part of Facebook, announced a new feature that further transforms the popular messenger into a marketplace.

WhatsApp is finally becoming a store.  A

However, the developers themselves are already openly declaring that WhatsApp is quickly becoming a popular trading platform – with the help, users can explore the assortment, and companies can answer all questions about certain products via chat. More and more purchases are made in chat rooms, and the developers decided to make this process even easier.

For this, “baskets” were created. With the help of the “basket,” users can browse the catalog, select several products and send the order to the company in one message. It will be easier for companies to track orders, manage requests, and complete sales.

You can use the function like this: select the products you like and click “Add to cart,” when the “cart” is ready, send it to the company as a message.

The feature has already begun to roll out to WhatsApp users around the world gradually.

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