Why is Grand Mountain Adventure Top Free Games on the App Store? Understanding

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Grand Mountain Adventure is currently ranked second in the App Store’s sports game rankings, and also ranks in the top 100 free projects. We played and saw why this happened with a game that has appeared on smartphones for a long time. First, there is a cool and relaxing atmosphere with simple controls: tap on the left or right stick to turn in the desired direction. This is all explained during training. When you fly down the mountain slopes, traces remain, avalanches periodically descend from the mountains, and other skiers sometimes interfere with a comfortable descent.

In fact, we are going through various tests, some of which have yet to be found. They represent time descending, passing checkpoints or jumping with tricks. Not everything will work out the first time, before the test, the difficulty is written in advance; at the same time, you constantly want to give your best and show the best result.

I am glad that Grand Mountain Adventure is a real shareware game that respects your time and nerves. That is, there are no seasonal passes, intrusive offers and advertisements: you ride for your own pleasure, climb the funicular and so on in a circle. Yes, at some point you will have to fork out for the full version to open new cards, but the game is unique and will help pass the time between work.

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