Why is Ubisoft delaying the new Splinter Cell stealth series? Let’s figure it out together

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Smartphones are getting more powerful every year. Because of this, large publishers are trying, if not to port, then at least to transfer their franchises to the mobile market. Ubisoft knows this: the French company managed to release several versions of Assassin’s Creed, as well as the Elite Squad auto-butler. Even fans often spit from them, so the question arises: when will Ubisoft finally release the normal part of Splinter Cell stealth and is it worth waiting for it on smartphones?

First, if this happens, then the Chinese developers will transfer the concept of a secretive agent before Ubisoft. It is worth remembering Mission Zero, which is handled by NetEase Games. These guys have also released EVE Echoes and many other high-grossing projects for famous franchises, so mobile gamers will be fed.

Secondly, Ubisoft is now trying to make collaboration games. Take a look at Elite Squad and the latest Ghost Recon, where Sam Fisher appears as one of the heroes. Also, the French want to make an animated series about a secret agent together with Netflix. All this will not replace a normal AAA game for large platforms, as well as for smartphones via cloud services (hello Microsoft xCloud). In 2019, the CEO of Ubisoft said that the developers did not want to take on Splinter Cell because the fans of the series were “too demanding and angry.”

Anyway, the last full-fledged part (Blacklist) was released in 2012 and since then Ubisoft has tried in vain to shove Fisher into its other franchises. If phrases decide to do Splinter Cell again, it is unlikely that it will be a project for mobile phones. And if it does, it will definitely be some kind of gacha with MMO elements. No thanks.

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