Why is Windows vulnerable to viruses?

Why is Windows vulnerable to viruses Why is Windows vulnerable to viruses?

The operating system is the basis of computing devices, with its help complete computer control is carried out. Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, there are a large number of operating systems that have many differences. This includes not only the interface and functionality of the system, but also its compatibility with various models of computer devices.

However, despite the large selection of operating systems, most users still prefer Windows. Moreover, each version of this OS has its own supporters. For example, someone got used to using Windows XP, someone liked Windows 7 or “ten”, and someone has moved to a new level and uses to the maximum the capabilities of Windows 11.

This is easily explained by the convenience and affordability of Windows. However, this operating system, of course, like most of its counterparts, is noticeably vulnerable to viruses. According to statistics, Windows in terms of vulnerability is almost on the first line in the list of all existing operating systems. The question immediately arises: what can this be connected with? Let’s try to understand this issue together.

Windows popularity

One of the main reasons for the vulnerability of Windows, as trite as it may sound, is its popularity. That is, the bulk of hackers and attackers develop malware designed for the operating systems that are most popular in order to get the greatest coverage of potential victims for cyber attacks.

The simple rule of thumb is that the more a software product is used, the more security holes are discovered and the easier it is to crack. And the most popular and widely used OS, as mentioned above, is just the same – Windows.

Simple interface

Why is Windows vulnerable to viruses Why is Windows vulnerable to viruses?

The next reason for the increased vulnerability is the simple and easily manageable interface and software of the system. Microsoft’s main goal in the development of Windows was to maximize accessibility to the user of any level.

That is, in order to increase the popularity of its product, the company tried to release a system that any user could handle, even the one who sat down at the computer for the first time. And they did it, but it also affected the level of security and vulnerability of the system.

To get such a simple OS, the developers needed to make the internal architecture such that the user did not need to interfere with the fine-tuning of the system, and everything worked and was configured only with the help of the mouse, roughly speaking. Of course, when solving problems and mistakes, you have to climb into the jungle, and it’s good that this is possible in principle.

As a result, it became easier for virus writers to find security holes by taking control of the operating system, and the user still “doesn’t need to think about anything, everything works”.

Increasing user rights

The principle of operation of Windows OS is based on processes that operate in the system on behalf of “SYSTEM”. And in order to gain full access to the system, an attacker only needs to launch the program he needs with “Administrator” rights.

Windows users often add themselves to the list of administrators to make things even easier. In this case, you do not have to enter a password every time to perform some actions. Also, to get fewer annoying dialogs. As a result, it becomes easier for viruses to penetrate into the OS kernel. the red carpet is already laid out.

Unlicensed versions of Windows

Since most users do not want to spend extra money, unlicensed, jailbroken or stripped-down versions of Windows are very popular among them. Such OS versions have many disadvantages, among which one can note not only a low level of stability, but also a weak level of protection.

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Although there are high-quality free builds, there is a risk that the “builder” will leave a “backdoor” for itself, i.e. a virus with which he sees all computers with an installed OS and can take over control.

Therefore, it is not recommended to use such OS versions. However, in order to protect the system, it is imperative to download an antivirus to the computer immediately after installing the OS, … Antivirus should be installed on licensed operating systems as well. threats do not disappear after the purchase of a license, although there will be a little less of them.

In addition, it is worth mentioning another important reason because of which the security level of Windows is significantly lower than that of its counterparts. We are talking about early versions of Windows that are still popular.

The fact is that most of the early versions were equipped with weak built-in protection or were produced without it at all. For example, the Account Manager for legacy Windows versions stores all information in one folder located on the system drive.

On the one hand, this is very convenient, but if a hacker gains access to a precious folder, then all your passwords that were used on your computer will immediately become available to him.

Users who did not pay due attention to the level of security continued, and many of them still continue to use the system without updates and installation of additional protection. This trend makes it much easier for intruders to gain access to computer devices for naive users.


Gaming also played an important role in the vulnerability of the Windows system. Today, games for smartphones are in the TOPs, but most of the old, and not so, games were sharpened specifically for Windows OS, since this system has always been in the first place, and there are more and more fans to play computer games lately.

1634824835 489 Why is Windows vulnerable to viruses Why is Windows vulnerable to viruses?

Attackers, relying on this, try to release malware disguised as free versions of popular paid games or inject their viruses directly into games. As a result, the unsuspecting gamer, hoping to get the coveted game for free, threatens his operating system.


Due to the popularity of the system, many third-party software and application developers are trying to release primarily such utilities and programs that will necessarily be compatible with Windows. And the system itself is convenient precisely because it is compatible with most existing programs and applications.

And here, as in the case of games, hackers do not sit still and use all possible methods to gain access to the operating systems of naive users. Hackers can easily disguise their virus program as a regular one, so it is always recommended to use exclusively licensed versions of applications, using only official sources for this purpose.

System updates and errors

To improve system performance and fix various bugs, the developers release new updates on a regular basis. And many users neglect them, considering updating the system a waste of time and a waste of traffic. But this is a big mistake.

It is important to remember that regular system updates not only improve the functionality of the system and eliminate errors, but also increase the performance of the security system. In addition, errors can occur from previous updates, which are easily eliminated by newer versions of updates. But every system error or incorrect operation of system programs can create additional holes that help attackers to hack into your system.

Finally, it should be noted that all operating systems, without exception, are vulnerable in their own way, so you should always pay due attention to the security system. Regardless of the type of OS, there are always risks of catching a virus and endangering your system.

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